Siamak’s fear will land him in trouble? Will Ashoka expose him?

Siamak shared a great rapport with Ashoka. However, the people around him constantly tried to corrupt him. While, he remained unaffected by all the negativity around him, things really changed when he came in direct contact with Rajmata Helena, the wicked woman who accused Ashoka for Siamak’s crisis and chsnged him completely.

She has manipulated Siamak to the core who now supports Sushim and hates Ashoka. No wonder, he saw Ashok killing his mother. However, he has no idea that he was constantly fooled by his own people from the very start. He has absolutely no clue why Helena is supporting him and what is her real relation with her.

khorasan siamak Will Ashoka Know The Reality of Siamak?

The Unfortunate Transformation of Siamak

Ashoka had immense trust on Siamak as the boy was not just his brother but also his friend and a partner. In fact, Siamak was the one who constantly supported Ashoka when nobody liked him, not even his teachers and other students of his class. They both trusted each other and showed immense respect too.

siamak ashoka Will Ashoka Know The Reality of Siamak?

However, things changed when Justin died and Rani Noor and Helena joined hands together. Now they had a common goal to make Siamak, the next Samrat. Their union was enough to manipulate Siamak. The duo not only corrupted Siamak’s mind but also poisoned him against Ashoka, his brother.

Things worsened when Noor died at the hands of Ashoka. Now, Siamak was completely under Helena’s control as she became successful in putting the seeds of hatred against Ashoka in Siamak’s mind. However, Siamak never showed his hatred in front of Ashoka. Instead, he pretended to be nice and also acted to forgive him, though he didn’t.

Next, Siamak too joined hands with the traitors and became one of the killers of Acharya Chanakya. But ever since then, he has been scared, highly worried of the outcome – “What if I get caught?” is his constant worry.

Ashoka Has Sensed That Siamak Has Changed

Ashoka have immense trust on Siamak, this is the reason why he turns to him after the coronation when the palace members blame Ashoka of being greedy. However, much to Ashoka’s surprise, Siamak too turns hostile and tags him as greedy. This shocks Ashok completely. Nevertheless, it is good that Ashoka has got some hint that Siamak has changed. This will help him to get into the bottom of Chanakya’s murder case.

siamak ashoka tv serial Will Ashoka Know The Reality of Siamak?

Siamak Is Scared of Getting Caught

Siamak has always been a coward. Here, once again, he is highly worried that he will be caught. No wonder, a dying Kasturi (whom the traitors murdered) met Ashok and told something about Acharaya’s death which nobody heard. Siamak is worried if she has given Ashok enough hints.

siamak noor khorasan ashoka serial colors tv Will Ashoka Know The Reality of Siamak?
It is his this fear that will show on his face and we assume that Ashok might catch him lying. Perhaps, Siamak will become the key of unlocking the murder mystery of Acharya Chsnakya in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. We simply hope Ashok gets both, the clue to the murder as well as the truth about Siamak turning a traitor. This will indeed make the serial all the more interesting – What do you think?

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