Sushim is troubling everybody in the palace – Will the two brothers Ashoka & Siamak unite to fight agianst the prabhari raja?

Sushim has turned out be his evil best in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. Not just a prabhari raja, he is thinking he is the raja himself -Hitting, beating, shouting, warning and even giving ultimatums to the important people in the court. Recently, we saw how Sushim even insulted Acharya Akramak and even asked him to resign if he can’t do his job well. Though it did annoy Akramak he maintained his cool and assured him to carry out the task as soon as possible, failing which he will resign from his post.

While Samrat Bindusar knew how to respect and keep his men motivated, Rajkumar Sushim as prabhari Raja is destroying everything. He has no idea how he should rule his men and people. All thanks to his proud and nasty behavior, he is making all sorts of mistakes which Chanakya wanted him to make.

rajkumar sushim Will Ashoka and Siamak Join Hands to Fight Back Sushim?

Now the question is –

Will Siamak Know about the Atrocities of Rajkumar Sushim? Will He know that He is Planning against Ashok?

Almost everybody is trying to fill Siamak against Ashok not just Rajkumar Sushim but also Helena who wants Siamak to thnk negative about Ashok. However, Siamak is not ready to believe. He knows Ashok can never cheat him and will never betray him.

sushim ashoka brother chakravartin ashoka samrat Will Ashoka and Siamak Join Hands to Fight Back Sushim?

Though people are trying to spread rumours against Ashok in front of Siamak, he is not wlling to accept this. Perhaps it is his this trust that will make him know about Sushim’s atrocities towards Ashok and his mother Sushim. He will know that Sushim is trying his best to rule over Ashok because of his insecurities.

This makes us wonder –

Whether Siamak Will Join Hands with Ashok to Help Magadh, and its people…

Siamak is totally opposite to Sushim. He thinks good and has a heart of gold. Perhaps, it is because of this quality he might eventually know how Sushim is trying to frame Ashoka and how he is trying to distance them both. So, he might join Ashoka and help him in his work of helping others.

siamak ashoka Will Ashoka and Siamak Join Hands to Fight Back Sushim?

Though we doubt whether Siamak will know about Ashok being Agradut, we assume he will try his best to get everything that might help Ashoka in his mission. Let’s hope Siamak understands Ashok and trusts him like he did in the past. If Siamak join hands with Ashok, the two will be unbeatable and Sushim along with Charumitra and that evil Mahamatya will soon get the dose of their own poison.

Rajkumar Siamak is A Great Asset

Rajkumar Siamak is often regarded as a weak and emotional personality. So nobody gives much importance to him. However, the truth is he is a great asset and support. Not just because he has a solid backing in the form of Rajmata Helena and Rani Noor but because he is a great human being and practices only good things unlike the people surrounding him including Rajkumar Sushim.

siamak ashoka Will Ashoka and Siamak Join Hands to Fight Back Sushim?

What’s more, if he backs Rajkumar Ashok, the two will not just help themselves, the subjects of Magadh but the entire palace including their father Bindusar.

We just hope the two brothers join hands soon and get going to hit the butts of Rajkumar Sushim – What do you think?

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