Finally the time has come for Helena to face the wrath in Ashoka serial

Dhrupad has been killed in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. However, though Sushim killed him via his source Inderjeet, the blame went on Ashoka. No wonder, everybody hates Ashoka now and he is being considered as a murderer as all the evidence is against him.

However, his newly formed allies know that he can never kill any innocent, let alone his favorite brother. This is the reason why Kaurwaki is helping him.

ashoka serial Ashoka to Unmask Helena?

Kaurwaki Has Taken the Help of Nayak

It is good to see Nayan being involved in this plot. Yes, Kaurwaki has taken the help of Nayak in helping Ashoka. Nayak, no wonder trust Ashoka. He knows Ashoka inside out. No wonder, he saw his struggle to free the Takshashila people. Nayak knows Ashoka can do no harm to anybody and this is the prime reason why he and Kaurwaki are helping him.

ashoka colors tv serial Ashoka to Unmask Helena?

Ashoka Is Out Of Jail and on the Run

Though Ashoka showed his reluctance from breaking the jail, both Nayak and Kaurwaki told him how important it is to escape from the jail now, as it is the only option wherein he can prove his innocence and expose the real culprit.

chakravartin ashoka samrat colors tv wallpaper images pics photos Ashoka to Unmask Helena?

Interestingly, Samrat Bindusar catches him but he asks 3 hours from him to catch the real culprit. A mourning Samrat agrees to give him those 3 hours to prove him innocent.

Ashoka to Get Evidence Against Helena?

Kaurwaki saw Dhrupad’s dead body turning black. She sensed there must be some poison in the arrow that hit Ashoka. No wonder, the arrow that was hit by Ashoka was first kissed by him then shot.

rajmata helena Ashoka to Unmask Helena?

They have realized that there was somebody else who hit the arrow on Dhrupad which was actually aimed on Samrat.

This is the reason Ashoka will start searching the palace and get the same set of arrows from Helena’s room.

Ashoka to Unmask Helena?

He will get enough evidence that the arrow shot was Unani. Next, he will present his evidence in front of the court in the stipulated time given to him. And he will link Helena to the Unanis. The blame will come on Helena for killing Dhrupad. Interestingly, we hope this is the time when Helena will drink the spiked drink and expose herself in front of everybody.

Helena Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Ashoka to Unmask Helena?

It is really high time that Helena gets exposed. The lady has been moving free like anything after committing a lot of crimes from day one. Also, we think it would be all the more interesting if she reveals the real truth about Siamak and his parents. Let everybody including Siamak know that Samrat is not his father. Wow, how interesting the entire scene would be. The shock and dismay would be really intriguing.

We just hope that Charumitra and Sushim too get exposed soon. After all, the mother-son duo is the reason of grief for almost all the people in the palace.

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