War of the Words – Will it be Sushim or will it be Ashoka?

In Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat on Colors TV, it is an open battle between Ashoka and Rajkumar Sushim where the two Rajkumar have to battle it out verbally to sit on the throne in the absence of Samrat Bindusar. Whoever wins will get the golden opportunity to sit on the throne till Samrat Bindusar is away from Pataliputra.

sushim maurya samrat ashoka facts Ashoka or Sushim? Who Will Win the Verbal Battle?

Now since Khalatak is always eager to give his expert opinion every time so that Sushim somehow impresses everybody, he is the one who has proposed an idea. Well it goes something like this –

‘Till the time Samrat Bindusar is away, somebody should sit on the throne. However, to decide who will be the lucky person to take Samrat’s place, there will be a verbal battle between the first two borns of Samrat Bindusar – Ashoka and Sushim.’

Sushim Is Gearing Up to Face Ashoka and Is Eager to Defeat Him

Rajkumar Sushim who is always looking for an excuse to insult Ashoka will now be seen warring against Ashoka verbally. He is doing his preparation and we know he will leave no stones unturned to ensure Ashoka loses against him. So, now that he knows he is not as good as Ashoka in words it is most likely that Sushim will cheat just like he have been doing all these days.

sushim charumitra Ashoka or Sushim? Who Will Win the Verbal Battle?

Although we are not sure what type of plan he is making with Khalatak and his mother, one thing is sure he’ll definitely try to insult Ashoka. It would be interesting to see whether he becomes successful in his plan or is once again defeated just like he has been losing against Ashoka all the time.

Chanakya Is Not at All Happy

Chanakya is not happy with Khalatak’s proposal. He in fact, is not at all in the favor of getting the brothers face to face for this verbal challenge. It would be therefore interesting to see how Chanakya stops this challenge. Even if he cannot stop it, it would be interesting to see Chanakya’s role in this entire drama. Perhaps he will get a clue who tried to poison Ashok. You never know Chanakya gets to know the connection with Charumitra, Sushim and Khalatak.

Manoj Joshi as Chanakya Kautaliya Arthashastra Ashoka or Sushim? Who Will Win the Verbal Battle?

Will Ashoka Let Sushim Win This?

Though Sushim hates Ashoka, Ashoka tries not to hurt him as he considers him as his own brother. In spite of Sushim’s misbehavior he has been good to him trying to think positive about Sushim. However, being a selfish soul all Sushim can think is getting Ashoka out of his way to the throne. So, when Sushim is planning against Ashoka, Ashoka is making sure in the verbal battle he doesn’t hurt anybody not even his brother Sushim.

samrat ashok yuvraj sushim susima Ashoka or Sushim? Who Will Win the Verbal Battle?

So, by Ashoka’s intention it seems he’ll rather be nice than try to win the competition. So, it would be rather interesting to see the War of Words. Also, fans are eager to see whether Helena and Noor be silent spectators of this show or will they plan something to clear their way?

Only time will tell perhaps…

Image Source: Colors TV


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