Have we not gone too far, in the name of ‘Freedom of Expression’ and ‘Freedom of Speech’?

The theory of Capitalism advocates an unregulated, self-correcting, free-market economy as an ideal system. Kuttner, the famous columnist to ‘Business Week’ argues in his book, ‘The End of Laissez-Faire’ – that in a humane society, whole realms of activity necessarily departs from “pure” market principles because market norms drives out non-market norms – civility, commitment to the public good, personal economic security and liberty. Erosion of standards of fairness is the direct product of more freedom. Over reliance on market mechanisms is ruining the prevalent systems and leads to inefficiency and corrupt practices.

Demand and supply now covers moral products like integrity, honesty and truth. Here is a simple question:

Have we not gone too far, in the name of ‘Freedom of Expression’ and ‘Freedom of Speech’?

Political Parties and Commercial Business Houses are using the national symbols and icons to sell their products and to advance their agendas. Someone advertises ‘Desh Ka Namak’ and other comes with ‘Dewali Bomb’ for kids in the names of politicians. We don’t stop here. With the REVOLUTION in IT sector, now, we have every items on sale; every facility at our disposal. You can exploit the Social Media to the stretch of your imagination but there is a tag attached to it. You could defame a person, destroy his reputation or build up an image. There is an inexhaustible list of services at your disposal if you are willing to pay the price. To name a few : Enjoy the fake ‘fan-following’ and ‘likes’ in lakhs at full display on Twitter, Facebook or other social sites; fake profiles are ready for you to use against the followers of certain religion with smart arguments – for or against, as you want; they would provide promotional videos to go viral on You Tube. For your safety, Indian soil will not be used to spill the negative contents. To make detection almost impossible they would use a foreign country. For all these services, they would use assembled computers which could be easily destroyed after the project is over. Proxy codes would be used and their locations would be kept changing.  A new Internet-based messaging system would be used to circumvent TRAI regulations on mass SMS.

twitter image At Your Service As You Want

However, only cash payments would be acceptable and to avoid paper trail and to ensure that no connection is established between them and their client. This is what revealed in the recent sting operation undertaken by investigative news portal ‘Cobrapost.’ The agency called it ‘Operation Blue Virus’ and the ground-work was done by Syed Masroor Hasan, its associate editor. The IT companies were approached by him under the pretext of ‘branding campaign’ of a fictitious politician. It was surprising that the client for these companies ranged from corporate organizations, NGOs, government officials and politicians. The news portal specifically mentioned the name of a particular individual called Bipin Pathare who runs ‘Om Consultancy Services’ in East Mumbai. He is one of the most “ruthless” of the lot who in addition to providing details like poll-booth demographics, also offered to spread false rumors about bomb blasts on the day of elections.

 Associate Editor Syed Masroor Hasan approached over two dozen IT companies and they offered the following services: 

“Would provide Booth-wise demographics of voters to help with booth management and if you are willing to believe, just to make you satisfied, they won’t hesitate to detonate a bomb, or spread rumours of a riot situation, forcing voters to remain indoors on polling day, thus leaving ample scope for bogus voting.”

The portal claimed that Pathare categorically stated that he helped one Praveen Jara win election by intimidating and disenfranchising Muslim voters. Abhishek Kumar is another operative, who he claimed, is working for Campaign Modi on social media. He is planning to make a defamatory content on Rahul Gandhi to go viral on social media a few days before elections.”

So, in a nutshell, you could quote an Urdu Poet

“Chandi ke khankte sikkon par, har cheez yehan ki bikti, yeh gaal gulabi bikte hain, yeh nain sharabi bikte hain………….”

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