IS terrorists has been egging on Indian youths to join their clan, but ATS Maharashtra this time has come up with a novel idea to curb down such activities.

One must give credit where it’s due.That’s a cardinal principle one cannot forget because it only elongates the list of the ungrateful people in the world.

In Indian cinema, the poor policewala has always been caricatured as a Mamu, a dumb creature who always reaches late at the site of crime and is always outwitted by a grinning villain who is enjoying all the perks of life, earned the wrong way.

Under the circumstances, I have been very impressed by a report that the Maharashtra Anti Terror Squad (ATS) has come up with a brilliant plan to stop the vulnerable youth from joining the terror outfits like the IS.

Mumbai ATS Novel Idea Of Maharashtra ATS

This has been a cause of worry for the Modi government because in the past few months, these outfits have been feeding on the insecurities,the dipping employment graph in the country and social disparities which are blown out of proportion by these anti social elements who are out to destroy civilization for some imaginary Jannat.

They have been making use of the social media sites to befriend the uninitiated and ignorant youths and recruiting them, sometimes even converting members from other communities to their point of view.

The ATS of Maharashtra has stuck on a brilliant plan to use the services of some of these new  recruits they have been able to intercept to tell the youths that they are on the wrong path.

These include two Hindus, including a 16 year-old girl who were so impressed by what they were told by their recruiters, they got converted to Islam to support anti- India activities.

The ATS has not only brought them back on track but has been able to convince them to save other youths who are  on the verge of getting trapped by the propaganda machinery set up by the vast funds at the disposal of the terror outfits.

Senior officers of the Maharashtra Police revealed that they had been taking these converts to madarsas, universities and campuses across the country to use their convincing power and knowledge to tell the youths in their own language that Islam did not permit the kind of activities these outfits were propagating across the globe.

anti terrorism squad Novel Idea Of Maharashtra ATS

This is a recent field of activity but the Police is convinced it will save a lot of youth for wavering from the right path for grievances, some of which are real but mostly imaginary, blown out of proportion by these Devil’s Advocates.

But these measures have to go hand in hand with increased vigilance to check the designs of this new menace of educated bunch of terrorists using threats, money power and mind- games to indulge in their nefarious activities.

By Amitabh Srivastava

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