This 22-years-old Hardik Patel is leading turbulent protest in Gujarat. Another Kejriwal?

The man who so far had no recognition in Gujarat, had emerged to be the headline of every news channel since last two months. Hardik Patel, this man, seems to be tracing the footsteps of drama-king Arvind Kejriwal, who too with his turbulent politics came in limelight. Meagre 22-year-old Hardik with his tumultuous protests throughout Gujarat had harbingered the rise of another Kejriwal.

arvind hardik Another Attention Seeking Clone of Kejriwal Is Hardik Patel

Who is Hardik Patel?

A 22-year-old fella, who hails from Gujarat and is now considered as the beam of hope among the youth of Gujarat is Hardik Patel. He is a B.Com graduate who aids his father in running a pump business in Gujarat. Alongside, he is claimed to have kicked off  Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS).

What drove Patel on the streets of Gujarat?

What sparked off the fire within him was the dwindling development of the patidars. He said, “A Patidar student with 90% marks does not get admission in an MBBS course, while SC/ST or OBC students get it with 45% marks.” He said that Patidars were not against SC/ST or OBC communities getting their due. His strive to pave the way for the inclusion of Patel community in the OBC list led him to rally throughout the Gujarat.

Hardik Patel rally Another Attention Seeking Clone of Kejriwal Is Hardik Patel

Why is Patel Community not worth any quota?

Patel community, who is 300 years old in Gujarat contributes to 15% of India’s business and 70% of Gujarat’s business. Although the community had its backbone as agriculture, but as the time lapsed, the Patels expanded themselves into other dimensions as well. Textile, diamond, pharmaceuticals and what not among the segments of other industries had got Patel’s firm grasp.

Taking these facts into account, Patels are leading a way better life. Be it any sector, they had concretized their rule. ‘World’s sixth richest surname is Patel’. Doesn’t the aforementioned statement justify all the negations clouding Hardik’s demands? Indeed yes.

By Prerna Daga

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