Australia were crowned World champions after their win over the Kiwis in the final.Read the in depth analysis of the match and other trending blog posts

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australia world cup Australia Crowned World Champions!

Australia Crowned World Champions for the 5th Time!

Kiwi skipper Brendon McCullum won the toss and decided to bat first. That gave them a chance to put pressure on the Australians by putting a decent score on the board and then let their in-form bowlers and pressure do the rest. Brendon McCullum faced up to Starc after Guptill took a single off the second ball and that was when the first big face off of the day took place. McCullum swung and missed at the first ball which just missed his off stump. He charged the second time around but still could not lay bat to ball as it swung a tad on its way to Brad Haddin. It was third time lucky for the Australians and Starc who rattled the stumps with a deadly yorker that McCullum missed again and the Aussies were off on a celebratory run!


An intelligent talk on our obsession with immortality and how we try to escape our fate as a creature that is aware of its final destiny. Take out fifteen minutes of your day, to watch this amazing TED talk by Stephen Cave.

Obesity and Diabetes Rates in the Gulf- A Cause of Great Concern

A stunning video where single minded devotion, and perseverance changed this young lady, from being obese to a healthy weight person. You can find the transformation of this amazing woman in this video. Just watch it, and you will be glad you did. I read about the weight issues, to be exact- the mounting obesity rates in the Middle East on CNN. It concerned me a lot, because I live here too. The report reads that diabetes rates are staggering in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE.

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