Readers Voice – A contributor shares a real story about two brothers dealing with Australia’s racist society and of putting their lives into salvaging justice

In 1989 twin brothers Anand and Jayant, chefs with a 5 star hotel experience applied for a permanent visa under the Demanding Category at the Australian High Commission, New Delhi. In spite of having the same qualifications, Anand was granted the visa while Jayant’s case was rejected, reasoning that his qualifications weren’t recognised by Australia. This served as a shock for them as both the brothers had graduated from Delhi University and a 3 years’ diploma in hotel management from Pusa Catering, New Delhi. Anand proceeded to Australia with his wife and daughter and sponsored Jayant from Australia, in hope for a better score on his visa application – but the visa was still rejected on the same grounds. Anand sponsored Jayant 5 times in 7 years but received the same answer from Australian High Commission in New Delhi.

During this time Jayant found out that the Australian High Commission had granted permanent chef visas to few people who had no qualifications as chefs along with a demand for large money by the staff. Anand had this news published in The Herald Sun, Melbourne’s leading newspaper in 1994 after which Anand was approached by 2 senior officers from the Federal Police, Australia, sent by Minister Nick Bolkus at that time.

Copy of their investigation was never provided to Anand but minister wrote a letter to Jayant, saying that he should have been given 70 points instead of 30 under the skill category, and if he was still interested should submit a new form with another $500 fee, (which had already been done four times) and the visa would be granted.

Jayant applied with a new application and another $500 draft, but surprisingly this time his visa was rejected again. Now Anand hired a lawyer in Australia to take the case to court. This time Jayant’s visa was ready without any delay.

In 1999 Jayant started working as a chef in a hotel as a chef where he started facing racial discrimination, abusive behaviour, and harassment including physical assault. An eye witness’ account was even recorded in black and white by the HR Manager of the hotel. Jayant ultimately lost his job due to spinal injuries which put him on a disability support pension. Still fighting for justice, he approached all media channels of Australia, but to no avail.

Due to financial crisis Jayant couldn’t come back to meet his family for 11-12 years, and finally came to see his parents in Delhi in 2008. Here too, he approached several media channels to highlight the truth of the racist Australian system towards Indians. In the last 5 years, Jayant’s news has been published by few newspapers in Delhi and Bhopal , and he has met Sushma Swaraj and Arvind Kejriwal, still with no success.
Jayant approached the office of Amnesty International, Melbourne and the office of Human Rights, Melbourne, but still met with no success.

Jayant also submitted his written petition to the PMO and to SM Krishna’s office to forward the case to the Amnesty International, London. In November 2010 Jayant also sent his full case to Amnesty London office by registered mail. Jayant received several emails from the office of Amnesty, London, saying that they had received his case and were working on it.

In 2010 -2011 Jayant received notifications from the PMO, India that his case has been forwarded to Amnesty International, London, The United Nations and the International Human Rights Commission. In 2012 Jayant received an email from Amnesty London office, saying that they had lost Jayant’s file/case. Now the truth of Amnesty International was out.

In the end Jayant is still fighting with the most corrupt and racist legal system in Australia .

By Jayant Dagore

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