Azam Khan is always in the news for the wrong reasons- when he isn’t asking the police to chase lost buffaloes, he is making tasteless and offensive remarks

Azam Khan Says “I Want It All”azam khan taj mahal AZAM KHAN, TAJ MAHAL & THE BUFFALO

  1. Some Indian politicians have a knack for getting into the news for all the wrong reasons and Azam Khan is one of them. While he was earlier in the news because of his lost buffaloes, he now wants to dictate who should own the Taj Mahal.
  2. It is the view of the member of the Samajwadi party member and cabinet minister of Uttar Pradesh that the Taj Mahal should be handed over to the Central Wakf board. He has proffered this view because according to him, this is a mausoleum that houses the graves of two Muslims and hence should be handed over to a governing body that is also of the same community. (Source – Times)
  3. This is hardly the first time that Azam Khan has been in the news. In the past he has made headlines for saying something irrelevant silly or downright incendiary or for misuse of power. His statements and actions have created controversy several times in the past.
  4. India first heard about Azam Khan when he made the tasteless and needlessly provocative remark about the peaks of Kargil being “conquered not by Hindu, but Muslim soldiers.” Azam Khan has also offered his pearls of wisdom on various other subjects such as Sanjay Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and PM Narendra Modi. In his view, the Gandhi brothers met their tragic ends because of forced sterilisation drives during the emergency. With reference to Narendra Modi, he said, if “the person who could not live with his wife, how can he live with the country?” For his hate speech the UP police lodged an FIR against the SP leader upon the directions of the Election Commission.  (Source – Times)
  5. AK buffalo tweet AZAM KHAN, TAJ MAHAL & THE BUFFALOThen Mr. Khan was in the news for something really trivial and silly; which however caught the fancy of the social networking world. It was the mystery of Azam Khan’s missing buffaloes – senior officers and all the resources at the disposal of the force were pressed into service to locate the minister’s missing buffaloes. In the matter of ‘Qissa Buffalo-e-Azam’ sniffer dogs also lent their services.
  6. azam khan buffalo cartoon AZAM KHAN, TAJ MAHAL & THE BUFFALO The buffaloes were recovered within two days, five arrests were made in this connection and later some car thieves who claimed to have stolen the buffaloes previously were also apprehended,– a crime detection and arrest rate far in excess of the national average.
  7. azam khan buffalo cartoon2 AZAM KHAN, TAJ MAHAL & THE BUFFALOThat caught the fancy of the Twitterati and blogosphere and a rash of parodies including a hilarious write-up about Azam Khan’s buffalo being assaulted by Mulayam’s bull, derisive tweets and cartoons appeared as a result.
  8. Alas for India’s polity, all too many politicians remain engaged in the irrelevant, the incendiary and the downright idiotic. Azam Khan is a shining example. How about getting into the news for doing something worthwhile and constructive for a change Mr. Khan?

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