Baba-ism and Mata-ism are new trends in India. Nirmal baba, Asaram Bapu and the latest Radhe Maa are all bad apples in the era of spirituality.

We, the Indians, speak of God most of the times. But if you ask any Indian what does he mean by God, then everybody will reply something or other. However none of their answers will carry any definite meaning. Although God cannot be defined (because He is beyond all definitions), yet for all practical purposes “God is the being or spirit that is worshiped and is believed to have created the Universe; He is believed to be omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.”

By religion we commonly mean one of the isms like Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islamism etc. Religion is the belief in the existence of a God or gods and the activities that are connected with the worship of them. However Buddha was not a God-believer. But after Buddha his followers worshiped him almost as God.

religions Babaism In India is Burgeoning

Sex is the physical activity between two people in which they touchmorial.

Let us imagine God as an immensely huge human being. Such huge that we cannot comprehend His boundaries in any direction. However he must possess one head which is equivalent to all the heads of all the human beings plus all the living creatures in the Universe (or Multiverse). He has two hands which are equivalent to innumerable hands. He has two legs which is equivalent to innumerable legs. His brightness will be equivalent to the brightness of innumerable Suns. The Supreme Power is equivalent to His soul. The physical matter of the entire Universe is equivalent to His body and so on.

god Babaism In India is Burgeoning

Another concept on God states: “ God is imperceptible and formless. But He pervades throughout the Universe. Although He cannot be perceived by anybody, He can perceive everybody and everything. He cannot be heard by anybody, but He can hear every body’s voice. He does not have brain and mind, but He can read everybody’s brain and mind. He does not have legs, but He can go everywhere in the Universe. He does not have hands, but He can do everything in the Universe”.

There is another concept known as Avatar-vada. According to this concept God descends from His Supreme Aboard to Earth in human form (like Rama and Krishna etc) whenever there is degradation of religiousness (morality) and up-rise of irreligiousness (immorality) on Earth. He uplifts religiousness and destroys irreligiousness and re-establishes religiousness. After His purpose is solved he returns to His Supreme Aboard. How much truth is inside this concept, it is difficult to say, but these Avatars are astonishingly popular not only in in India but also throughout the world.

Concepts about God are innumerable. These innumerable concepts create more confusion than comprehension, because the concepts consist of a lot of contradictions. Hence the atheists say: “God does not exist”.

However the number of atheists in human society especially in India is very less. The general opinion is that God exists. But He is too much mysterious to be studied by human mind and human sensory organs. He is the Supreme in every respect and in every aspect. He is the greatest in the Multiverse. Most probably I am not wrong if I say “He is the Greatest Contradiction and the Greatest Confusion in the Multiverse”. Therefore God cannot be proved by concepts, logic and argument. God is nothing but human faith, belief and devotion.

religion is one Babaism In India is Burgeoning

Similarly religion is nothing but morality. But the difference between religion and morality is that religion cannot exist without morality whereas morality can exist without religion. Traditionally people claim themselves either to be Hindu or Muslim or Christian etc. At present the religions only help in producing communal rites off and on and nothing else. It is high time that all the religions should be merged into one, taking the best of each and every religion. This should be designated as “International Humanitarian Religion”. All the religions should be abolished. Further creation of any new religion should be strictly banned throughout the world.

kissingbaba sakshi Babaism In India is Burgeoning

Although at present creation of any new religion has spontaneously stopped, abolition of all religions and blending of all religions into one is far from reality. At present in India, Hinduism is severely infected with Baba-ism. I confess my ignorance as to whether there are also Baba-like personalities in other religions or not, but Hinduism is flooded with Babas of various status, right from the smallest ones up-to the largest. Some of the Babas are multimillionaires. I wonder how these Babas grow and how thousands and lakhs of people flow to them as devotees! Many of them are arrested by the Police on the ground of immorality and corruption. Those, who escape the notice of the Police and the Law, we can neither accept them as free from corruption nor assume them as corrupted.

There are also a few Matas, who are almost equivalent to the Babas in all respects except that the gender is opposite. There is nothing wrong if we designate them as “Lady Babas”.

radhe maa dirty picture Babaism In India is Burgeoning

It will be better if the Police makes an annual survey of all the Babas and their Ashrams in India to inquire whether they are involved in corruption and immorality behind the scene and take action accordingly. But the Indian Police lack required strength of man, material and money to carry out such routine work. Who knows they may fix their regular quota of monthly bribe per Ashram and Baba, and may give a clean report on those who pay the bribe regularly and may give adverse report on those who do not pay the bribe regularly. This will further aggravate the immorality and corruption of the Babas and the Ashrams. So there is no other way than to accept those Babas, who have not been affected by Police cases, as fair and non-corrupt. In fact it is too unfair to assume that all the Babas are corrupt without any substantial and solid proof.

baba ki baby Babaism In India is Burgeoning

In this modern age sex comprehensively means sexual intercourse. It may be extended to mean oral sex, anal sex, male and female masturbation. Playing with the female breasts, kissing and caressing any part of the body of another person is included under sex. Lesbianism or homosexuality, which is an unnatural and abnormal form of sex, has gradually been accepted as natural sex. Once upon a time in ancient India any sexual relationship except between husband and wife was deemed to be immoral activity or sin. Now in India sex has been liberalized due to the influence of western civilization. The Indians are not tempted to learn the good qualities like sincerity, punctuality, hard work etc of the Westerners, but too much tempted to follow their sexual liberalization. In fact sexual liberalization most probably does more harm than good to the Indians.

radhe maa nirmal baba and asaram bapu 50eedb517a0ff l Babaism In India is Burgeoning

Corruption has become part and parcel of Indian life. Corruption has infected the Indians from top to bottom to some extent or other. Most of us sincerely desire to completely remove corruption from all others except from within ourselves. When every Indian will try to remove corruption from within himself instead of trying to remove corruption from others, then only it will tend to come to downward trend. Otherwise slogans to remove corruption will remain as an empty slogan for ever. Corruption will go on increasing despite the slogans.

Evil and illegal sex and corruption are the negative forces in the human society which constantly drag the development of the human society downwards. Whether God exists or not may be debatable, but faith on the concept of God irrespective of his existence or nonexistence uplifts the human civilization in the path of improvement. Faith on God is one of the strongest positive forces. Similarly religion, which usually revolves around God, is also a very strong positive force which drags the human civilization in the path of improvement. Science is another strong positive force which uplifts the human civilization in the path of materialistic development. The progress of human civilization depends on the interaction between the positive and negative forces.

The positive as well as the negative forces do exist since time immemorial and will persist as long as the human civilization exists. The civilization progresses because the positive forces are stronger than the negative forces. If the positive and negative forces join hands with each other and together drag the civilization downwards, then situation will gradually become more and more grievous.

Within the last 200 years science has made rapid progress in various spheres. Human civilization has also made rapid progress due to the scientific inventions. Science has also invented some destructive weapons like atom bombs and chemical weapons etc which can cause devastating damage to mankind if applied. Hence there is always an apprehension that at any time Science can cause more damage than the development it has caused. Scientific progresses are gradual and time-taking procedures which take many years to achieve. But if it will cause destruction, it will cause devastating damage within a few moments.

atom bomb Babaism In India is Burgeoning

On the other hand spiritualism causes only progress of human civilization, but no damage, because it causes only moral development. It cannot cause momentary, sudden and speedy damage like science. Spiritualism can neither make rapid progress nor instantaneous damage like Science.

From time immemorial, India is more famous for spiritualism than science. But at present Babaism has engulfed spiritualism in India. God and religion are the positive forces in Spiritualism; sex and corruption are the negative forces. But ridiculously in many of the Ashrams of the Babas these four forces co-exist. Many of the Babas are hypocrites. They preach and teach about God and religion to the people, but are themselves thoroughly involved and entangled in sex and corruption.

asharam bold out Babaism In India is Burgeoning

Ridiculously many great persons go to the Babas. This encourages the common people to go to them. Surprisingly many of the Babas earn a huge amount of money, gold silver etc. Some of these properties they keep in the banks, but most the amount are kept as hidden treasure in their personal strong rooms in their Ashrams. Somehow or other if any Baba is exposed, then most of his involvement in sex and corruption is revealed. They are arrested and sent to the jail. Trial is continued. Some are released on bail. Some are not released. Ultimately what happens? Most people loose track of them. Those who are acquitted due to lack of adequate proof, they may open their Ashram again and the same course of events may repeat.

In a democratic country like India Babaism cannot be banned. Because of some of the hypo-critic Babas all Babas should not suffer. Why not the the Ashrams of all the Babas undergo surprise audit and investigation by the Govt authorities once in a year, so that there can be early detection and prevention of corruption of the Babas in their Ashrams? And of course the rebelling and revolutionary damage, caused by the discontented and enraged public, can be prevented.

jail them Babaism In India is Burgeoning

The Police says “Unless and until there is an FIR by somebody against a Baba, we are not going to investigate anything against any Baba”. The Police is so much over-burdened that they do not want to make themselves more over-burdened.

If that is the legal motto of the Police, then how funny is the Police in this country? Even-if there is a murder in front of the Police Station in front of the eyes of the Officer-in-Charge, he does not investigate unless and until somebody lodges a complaint or FIR on that event in the Police Station! Of course I am not well-versed with the rules and regulations of the Police. However such attitude of the Police appears to be utter callousness.


By Narayan Udgata 

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