Swash-buckling Bajirao Mastani is indeed a spectacular movie to watch but originality was absent in the movie and any mughal-e-azam fan would make it out.

I was very excited to watch Bajirao Mastani for many reasons. Deepika looked beautiful  in the promo. Ranveer is good in whatever he does (except when he is overacting). And Priyanka is a darling! Also because Bhansali has something different to offer than the regular masala, one time brainless watch movies! However, few minutes into the movie and I realized I am watching the story of Bajirao Mastani in Mughal-E-Azam-ish style. It is not a bad thing provided I know what to expect. I would have enjoyed it more if I knew I am going to watch traces of an Epic every 10 mins or so in the movie.

bajirao mastani Bajirao Mastani Is No Epic/Classic

If “Mohe rang do laal” is a direct attempt at “Mohe panghat pe” then “Deewani mastani” is his effort to recreate the same magic as “Pyar kiya to darna kya”. Songs of BM are good to hear and visually appealing but no where close to Mughal-E-Azam songs.  Deepika may look beautiful but we still have no match to Madhubala and lets not even dare to compare Deepika’s acting range with her. In fact, Priyanka did a better job in acting and dancing than Deepika but her scenes were limited.

deepiak padukone bajirao mastani 759 Bajirao Mastani Is No Epic/Classic

A lot of scenes and dialogues from MeA has been used (with slight changes) in BM. Be it “Khanjar nishana chook gaya” scene or the scene in front of Aaina between mastani and her caretaker. To get away with plagiarism we as a student sometimes just rearrange the words in the sentence copied from elsewhere. Same formula is used in BM like when Bajirao says “Bajirao ne mastani se mohabbat ki hai ayyashi nahi”. A hardcore MeA fan will be quick enough to identify where it has been inspired (copied) from “ mohabbat jo darti hai wo mohabbat nahi gunah hai ayyashi hai”

bajirao mastani priyanka ranveer Bajirao Mastani Is No Epic/Classic

Bajirao Mastani is a tribute to Mughal-E-Azam as confessed by director himself. A lot of people calling BM an Epic/Classic! I too would have called it an Epic had there been any originality in it. But to me it looks more like a beautiful mix up of Devdas and MeA.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie.

baajirao deepika ranveer Bajirao Mastani Is No Epic/Classic

Replicas of Taj Mahal looks good too but they are no TAJ and BM is no Mughal-E-Azam (Epic)!

bajirao mastani ranveer warrior Bajirao Mastani Is No Epic/Classic


By Syed Shawer Ali

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