Sharif-ud-din’s torture on Bakshi Banu in Jodha Akbar serial – Do you think she is fool to bear it? Given the fact that she is a Mughal shehzadi

Bakshi Banu Begum was a Mughal shehzadi. She was a daughter of the second Emperor Humayun, sister of the third Mughal Emperor Akbar and granddaughter of the very first Mughal Emperor Babur.  At every stage of her life she was powerful, given the fact that she was a girl born in the Mughal khaandaan. However, most of the time in the serial Jodha Akbar, on the contradictory, we see Bakshi Banu as a weak woman – fallen prey to her cruel husband tactics.

bakshi banu jodha akbar Bakshi Banu Begums Situation in Jodha Akbar : Pity or Deserving?

Why Bakshi Banu Begum Supports her Husband Sharif – Ud – Din in spite of his Rutheless Behavior?

Till now in Jodha Akbar we have seen that Bakshi Banu is always tortured by her husband Sharif – Ud – Din. Even in the ongoing track, the moment he realizes that Bakshi Banu has given birth to a baby girl, he beats her up. That was the sole reason she lied the fact that their new born baby was not a boy, but a girl.

Although people express their shock wondering the reason behind Bakshi’s lie, we the audiences know how helpless she was! No wonder, Sharif – Ud – Din had warned her about delivering a baby girl (as if it is in her hands!). And then she knew hiding the baby’s gender was the right thing to do…

sharif ud din balshi banu Bakshi Banu Begums Situation in Jodha Akbar : Pity or Deserving?

But, when Jalal, her brother gets to know about the beatings, he is infuriated. He orders the harem ladies to hit the cruel Sharaf-ud-din badly. Once again, instead of keeping mum, Bakshi comes and rescues her husband from the beatings.

Yes, it is Bakshi’s fault to support her characterless and ruthless husband, but what is the reason of her unconditional support to a mad man and a love less relationship?

Bakshi Banu Became a Widow at 20. Sharif – Ud – Din was her Second Husband

The CVs of the show knows the fact that Bakshi Banu became widow at the age of 20 after her husband died in a battlefield. They have been playing well with this fact tactfully which actually justifies Bakshi Banu’s unconditional love and support towards her husband Sharif-ud-din. The lady doesn’t want to lose her husband once again and become a widow, even if the husband is a pain to her and the entire Mughal Khaandan.

Yes, she is strong when it comes to muscle power in the form of her brother and her status, but what will she gain in return? She will once again lose her husband, and live a life without any love and happiness.

sharif ud din Bakshi Banu Begums Situation in Jodha Akbar : Pity or Deserving?

And so……

Bakshi Banu is being selfish by doing a self less act of saving Sharif-ud-Din. But is it Worth?

Not really!

Because Bakshi Banu might save her husband today in the pretext that her husband can do anything to her. But, nobody will be able to save him from the hands of shehenshah if he keeps on repeating his mistake. After all, he is not only a wife beater but also a gadaar.

At some point or the other, Sharif – ud – din like Adham Khan will do some mistake which again will trouble Bakshi. Hence, there is no point in supporting the gadaar continuously. Although this track of Bakshi is natkya rupaantar, I wonder whether there were really some weak shehzadi in the Mughal empire like Bakshi shown in the serial.

As far as I think, Bakshi Banu Begum would be really strong, given the fact that she knew her strength. Also, in real I don’t think so Sharif – Ud – Din would ever risk such a thing, beating the shehenshah’s sister for whom he is working.

Image Source: Bakshi banu, Jodha Akbar Zee

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