Fashion is all about balancing your style, choice of shades, colours and originality. Things to add and delete from your mood board this season.. Read more.

Anything excessive is not good is a phrase so true and I did not believe that existed in fashion also, till I noticed it in people around me. Balancing your routine is something what people try to be good at. But when you are dressing up, you tend to forget to master the art of balancing your fashion sense, which is the most important aspect of dressing up as well. Here are a few ways you can rock this seasons trends and please delete these past trends from your fashion mood board.

Tube dresses are out. They were one of the hottest trends back in the ages, but now don’t think you look too hot showing your neckline and your legs at the same time

tube dress balance your act.jpg Balance Your Act

balance your act tube dress Balance Your Act



 Elegant women do it one at a time. Bare legs look good with an elegant top and a hot top looks good with a hot pair of jeans. 

balance your act elegant top bare legs.jpg Balance Your Act


balance your act elegant style Balance Your Act

 Balance your Jewellery

Wearing shiny earrings and a statement necklace at the same time results in confusing the person who is looking at you. One thing at a time helps people in deciding what stands out. If both the things make people turn their heads, I believe it takes away the attention from the other.

balance your act jewellery fashion Balance Your Act

balance your act fashion rings Balance Your Act

Balance your Colors

Colors should be worn according to the kind of setting you are going for. All black attire for a sundowner or a day, brunch is an idiotic move, which a lot of people think doesn’t matter, but it does make you look like a fashion disaster. So keep colors like yellow, beige, pink, blue for the day and darker ones like cherry red, navy blue, black, purple for the night.  Wearing Pastel colors are an upcoming trend. Pastels are in another class altogether, mainly for the day, but they will make you look elegant and classy. Pastels can even be worn on gowns alongside darker colors. Dior and Gucci have a huge collection of pastel gowns and dresses.

 balance your act pastel dior dress Balance Your Act


Stop overdoing neon. Yes, it’s a cool new trend, but as I said don’t go overboard looking like a neon alien with putting different neon colors in one look. Pink and green neon at the same time is a not a good look. Only one neon color at a time makes a style statement.

balance your act neon dress Balance Your Act

balance your act neon trend Balance Your Act

 Matching Is Old

Innovate your look, but in a sensible way.  Wearing a pink skirt with a pink top and carrying a pink bag is not what you should do. Make yourself look balanced in the choice of clothes and colors you end up wearing. Also, Don’t end up looking like a freak in the process of innovating. Fashion is all about innovation, but that also requires some brains. 

 Balance Your Act

balance your act color combination Balance Your Act


By: Vidhi Sagar


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