Internet which was yet away from the rural sector of India will, for the first time touch the rural area of India.Project Loon by Google would do so.

Very recently, India granted permission to Google to launch its project LOON in India as well. Well, India is not the first but fifth to cut a deal with Google regarding the ‘Loon’. New Zealand, Brazil, Srilanka and Indonesia were the countries sequentially, prior to India. This project promises to provide affordable internet access to the rural and suburb sects. However, the onus on Google is to just deal its technological aspects, whereas BSNL will use the 2.6 GHZ band to diverge out the internet from the sky.

Googles Balloon Internet Project Loon Know How Balloons Will Channelize Internet To India’s Rural Segment

The balloon is said to be projected 20 km above the earth’s surface. This balloon will be afloat in the stratospheric layer of the atmosphere, emitting out internet access across the area of 40 kilometers. None other than solar panel’s energy will keep its operation 24*7 on.

Each balloon will use 4G or LTE technology to provide internet service as announced by Google. Google has joined hands with telecom companies to take the use of LTE technology and share spectrum, allowing people to use the internet directly from their cell-phones.

Google Project loon Know How Balloons Will Channelize Internet To India’s Rural Segment

Google’s plan was to use solar-powered drones to serve the same as balloons would do, but DEITY (Department Of Electronics And Information Technology) did not give a green nod for that. However, if allowed, much above your head may hover the drones.

By Prerna Daga

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