Why just the BBC Documentary, ban even the saris. Yes the “sari” the neck portion the waist part may turn the men on..Think about it Indian Government!!

Dear Indian Government,

We realize you have a special affinity with banning things because you think banning is the utmost solution to all the gruesome crimes going around.

indias daughter bbc documentary banned Ban Ban!!!

You ban pornography, homosexuality, ban movies which uses cuss words, which hurts religious sentiments, which depicts nudity.. Did something happen?? Did the crimes rates decrease??

I guess it didn’t happen because banning merely these things was insufficient. Why don’t you ban mobile phones or jeans or short skirts or or…. sarees yes the “sari” the neck portion the waist part may turn the men on..Think about it!!

Talking about sex is such a big deal in our country; we are demure people still we are around 1.25 billion in population. Why don’t you ban the word “sex”?? Ban it even from the application forms use “gender” instead or it may turn the students on..

Why just the documentary? Ban even the social networking sites Facebook, Whatsapp everything..Just ban them all!! Curb the freedom of speech.. Clip the wings..ban even the going out of girls no going out implies no eve teasing, no groping, no molestation, no rape , no murder. Wow!! Banning can do wonders..

banned forever picture photo Ban Ban!!!

Your self-proclaimed moral police are doing a great job inhibiting couples from holding hands, kissing in public, in an attempt to save our shallow and superficial Indian culture. Please don’t bother about the people peeing in public, littering on the roads, smoking and drinking in public places or people who are religious extremists because these people don’t degrade our so called Indian culture.

Don’t even spare the children, ban their going out playing on the grounds it may reduce their kidnapping, molestation and all such crimes against them. Don’t give a damn about the security system of this country. Just ban it!!

Banning will also promulgate the patriarchal and parochial outlook of the society, preserve the obsolete Indian mentality and thus it may save our shallow Indian culture.

-Lata Kumari

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