Can Bihar also ban reservation quote than demanding more? The way liquor has been wisely banned, can we expect one more act of wisdom?

Respected CM sir, we are thankful to you, as citizen but having almost no words to dedicate you for your mile stone achievement which you made by making entire state dry (complete ban on all kind of liquor). By imposing the ban you not only kept your political promise but also set long lasting example for entire nation that political will can bring any change if the motives are firm.

It was not easy decision ether from political or administrative point of view, as the crony capitalism is the integral part of today’s politics. You took a herculean step to check the erosion of social values of India’s least literate state. We hope the land of Budha and Mahavir will again unfurl the flag of morality and dignity with much higher esteem. And this time credit goes to you CM sir. We wish that no penetration will be made to this journey under any circumstances and you remain firm to your words as you used to be earlier. You are amongst those politicians in the country who symbioses trust and hope. Despite having the culture of controversial politics you maintained your best to keep yourself away from any controversy as we have seen in last one decade especially.

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But somehow I find it hard to digest your recent view regarding reservation in which you said percentage of reservation should be increased. In this marathon changing world we have seen more than six decade of reservation and its political hide and sick game. On analyzing we find that we have less success story then our failure at all front of reservation policy.It’s (reservation) impact remain more on administrative paper then in society.


There is a dire need of special provision for the empowerment of people of last strata of society and those who left far behind in the race of development and empowerment. For such consideration we need to go beyond boundaries if needed. Hence the issue of constitutional amendment is a mere  challenge for it. We have already seen more than 100 constitutional amendments in around seven decade of constitution’s history, as the constitution, lows and provisions are meant for people. And our constitution also says people are sovereign hence there empowerment must be kept above all and beyond all constraints. But sir could you tell me that is it (reservation) the last weapon to fight against all evils as like Brhamashtra .

All the political ideologue has its own way to catch the chair in order to have desired governance. Cent percent acknowledgement to any political ideologue is mere open eyed dream and complete impractical notion. But sir can’t we have wholesome governance instead of government, which acknowledged now a days as this government is yours not  mine. What I want to say is that we need inclusive policy and get rid of paralyzed policy. Special provisions are needed for socially deprived one; their vulnerable condition is a question mark over entire nation.

If politically possible can we think of certain alternative…

Sir none of our university stands globally. Infrastructure of primary education is worst almost in all state with minor degree of difference. Education system from pre-nursery to PhD  has either become material end or hold no water at all.

PhD holders are applying for the job of clerks and peon and fake degree holders become teacher. Why we are not directly recruiting a PhD holder in schools as a senior teacher so that they too not remain unemployed even after PhD and schools  get a well-qualified teachers. They can act as a trainer for the rest of teacher too.

Sir why the schools like Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya were not opened by every state government which will ensure quality education to students coming from all section of society especially the deprived one.

Why it is not made mandatory for wards of government employee and public representatives to peruse their education in government schools and colleges. So that administration would pay proper attention towards schools and education system.

Why states and center is not taking any serious step to have education reform along with industrial, administrative and economic reform? Who will have the fruit of all these reform if the majority of population remain deprived of quality education?  Sir doesn’t let the education system become hand ball of few people? A quality education from pre nursery is needed, all we know that, a rotten seed never become healthy tree. And for god sake don’t make teaching profession an employment agenda. We need teacher in quantity but they must have quality.

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Both center and state have till date failed to curb down education mafia, we need to bribe for admission from nursery to engineering, medical and even for research and in education world it is called donation. Will any reservation policy find solution of this draconian donation system? And I am secure that none of the reservation policy will made the way of deprived ones to these private institutions.  We have seen how around 70 students of IIT Kanpur failed to get minimum passing marks as they were finding it hard to cope with English as a medium. Most of them hold reserve seat. It is not due to lack of their hard work they failed, they failed due to lack of basic quality education. Somehow a mere reservation can make one to get through the institutions and can bring them in job with one or another alternative. But the empowerment which we want in them and society will not achieved. And in terms of inclusive policy we need such policy which will create less friction in society if not frictionless society.

Sir not even one percent of total population is employed under central government and by & large the scenario is same in all states too, with their respective population.  What about rest of population sir. How many students will get employment and education through reservation? Dependency on government sector for employment will not even reduce the issue of unemployment and empowerment even by 2 to 3 (both including and excluding reservation) percent. We need to have a capacity building policy in all the sphere of employment, be it in agriculture sector, technical, medial, marketing, or any other sector.  

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All we know that the reservation has become political agenda and who knows it better then you CM sir.  You are best social engineer sir we expect such policy from you which will empower the last men of the society and get him through the engineering college on the basis of his inbuilt capability. We have dire need for reconsideration of mechanism of social empowerment as a whole and deprived section in particular. But in this course of action we don’t need any scene we have seen in Haryana.

Till then have a happy dry day.

By Diwakar Jha

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