This girl hailing from Bangalore was rebuked to have had shorts as her bottoms during one of the classes in her law college. Shame on such small-minds.

Just because he was her professor, she could not have let go the unapt remark he hurled on her. I mean Indian societies had raised us in a way that dutifully keep us respectful towards our elders but not always, not at least in the case that befell in National Law School of India University, Bangalore.

The girl from 2018 batch, as by her regularity, stepped inside her classroom but that what happened to be irregular, only to her professor, were her bare exposed legs below her shorts. Her professor blatantly, right in front of the entire class, scolded her to dress properly. Yet, she didn’t succumb to this embarrassment but chose to hash the matter out. She could have easily overlooked the incident as just a preaching and be cautious during his classes henceforward. She didn’t,but, and mustered courage enough to bring to her lips that her free soul roared inside. While confronting the professor, adding more to her rage, she was put down hell by the professor. She was, in fact, chid more the second time.

shorts wrong during class Was This Bangalore Girl Wrong To Wear Shorts In Class?

In solidarity with her, the whole batch flashed themselves next day in shorts and on Thursday, they posted on Facebook that they all doled themselves up in shorts only to bring under spotlight the despicable comments by the professor.

Myself being a girl, I would certainly bat for this girl whom I’ve not acquaintance with other than being strangers. I would have surely expressed my disapproval for her had there been any stern dress code for the college and she would have defied it. But, the case is not so. In my eyes then, the professor has no right to intrude in a girl’s personal territory when he is paid to teach academics and not lifestyle.

By Prerna Daga

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