If Bangalore stands seventh among the clean cities of India, then someone please show the mirror to our nation.

garbage Dear Oxford, Meaning Of Clean Needs Alteration

Stinking Scenario: Problems with the dumping at landfills continue to erupt time and again, garbage seen on Railway Parallel Road, Seshadripuram in Bangalore on Tuesday. –KPN ### garbage crisis

Breaking news that break of 9th August’s dawn brought in the homes of Bangalore perked up the Bangaloreans more than that of a cup of tea. Of all the newspaper headings, one that left them startled was a proclamation of Bangalore being the seventh clean city. This bitter-pill-to-swallow news induced storm in their minds, each  flummoxed at ‘what damn survey led to this’. 9th August was not just a wake up call for their regular sleep, but a wake up call for the truth that all Bangaloreans were familiar to, but the truth that was molded to a white lie by the survey.

The news sparked off outrageous and ingenious tweets on twitter.


bangalore mockery Dear Oxford, Meaning Of Clean Needs Alteration


SIDDARAMA Dear Oxford, Meaning Of Clean Needs Alteration


By Prerna Daga

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