From the ongoing Delhi Elections to poems, recipes, biopics and more, check out the trending post of IndiaOpines Community

We had quite a few links posted on the Community yesterday. Posts ranged from Politics, Recipes, to car and poem. The following articles were the top trending posts on our community.

The First Battle of Delhi

Numerous Battles have been fought for Delhi in ancient, medieval and Modern India. Check out why this upcoming Delhi election is more like a 21st century Battle than a election of a democratic nation.

The Biopic Man of Tamil Nadu

Here’s an interesting post on the famous Gnana Rajasekaran, who is known as the Tamil Biopic Maker. Read all about him, and his work here…
6 ways to tell if your car salesperson can be trusted!

This post will tell you factors to check before/while dealing with a car salesperson. The points will tell you how you can recognize an honest salesperson from a fraud who is trying to sell you a car which do not satisfy your needs and requirements.

Pomfret Rava Fry Recipe

Here’s a detailed post on how to prepare Pomfret Rava Fry! A non-veg starter, it is not just simple but even takes less time to get ready. Ready the details to serve your family this weekend!

That Lonely Station

A lovely poem, it will take back to those beautiful days of travel where you traveled with your family in Train experiencing the simple joy of  observing things.

Those were the top trending posts on the community. Don’t forget to read them and post your own articles and opinions on our  Community.

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