The Supreme Court has asked N Srinivasan to choose between the BCCI and his interest in the IPL team CSK. He seems to want to keep both.

BCCI or CSK? Srinivasan will not give up

N Srinivasan Arriving At Mumbai Airport LAGEY RAHO MUNNABAI

Srinivasan Arriving At Mumbai Airport, Photo: IANS

  1. If there was to be a vote for the most blatantly and unrepentantly self-serving man in India, N Srinivasan would probably win hands down. No matter that he has been caught with his hand figuratively in the till, no matter how many charges of moral turpitude are leveled against him, he steadfastly refuses to accept blame or responsibility, clinging tenaciously to all his interests in world cricket.
  2. The former BCCI president is currently being investigated in connection with several scams relating to IPL, betting scams, the corruption scam related to Jagan Monan Reddy and more. When the media had been calling vociferously for his resignation from his post as BCCI president to ensure a fair probe in the case and the charges leveled against him and his son in law Gurunath Meiyappan, he had the temerity to refuse to budge.
  3. In March of this year, the Supreme Court division bench consisting of bench of Justices A K Patnaik and F M I Kalifulla had observed, “We feel that unless the President of the BCCI steps down, no fair decision can be taken. Why is Mr Srinivasan sticking to his chair? It is nauseating.” (Source – Indian Express)
  4. We now have the colourful Lalit Modi, former Commissioner of the IPL on the anti Srinivasan bandwagon. He has admitted that he is financing a petition against Srinivasan and others. This is his campaign to prevent the BCCI “sweeping everything under the carpet” and to punish and make an example out of the guilty. Modi feels that CSK and RR (Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals) must be cancelled. (Source – The Hindu) One could argue, now that he Modi is no longer in on the action, he wants some vengeance; one would perhaps be right.
  5. Now that he is no longer president of the BCCI, Srinivasan has found another way in – he found his way to working committee meetings as a member of the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association.
  6. Srinivasan BCCI LAGEY RAHO MUNNABAI SC has now told Srinivasan to choose between the IPL team CSK and his involvement in the BCCI since being a part of both creates an undeniable conflict of interest. However the man seems determined to contest for the post of BCCI President once again, and his lawyer has represented to the Supreme Court that there he cannot be barred from contesting. (Source – HT)
  7. Given the dogged self interest that dictates all of Srinivasan’s actions, one does have to wonder who will be cleaning up the Augean stables that Indian cricket has become. Will it be Lalit Modi? One shudders at that thought.
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