What does it takes to be a woman? Is it just a pair of ‘xx’ chromosomes? No, absolutely no. Way above it, rather.

Ho Ho Ho….The day, finally, is just half a day away. Yes, I’m talking about Women’s Day, the day when social media would go gaga with very many emblematic posts in the honour of women kingdom. Twitter would buzz with women-inclined caricatured tweets from political and Bollywood honchos. I so wish the scenario could have been as real as they look virtually. I so wish this one-day fuss not just lasted on mere eighth March but throughout the year. I so wish…. But, much to my dismay and habitualness, case is not so.

Women are Equal To Be A Woman Is Not Just Having XX Chromosomes

Not all Miss and Mrs must be familiar to the fact that it was women labours from International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union, who instigated strike for their economical uplift, after which, in its remembrance, ensued International Women’s Day.  It was then- women’s struggle for their rights because of whom we, women of today’s era, exultantly celebrate 8th March. Let’s each of us introspect ourselves whether we’re really doing anything substantial, even if trivial, for ourselves, for our sisters. Are we? Keep storming unless you actually get an answer, doesn’t matter even if the step was too small to produce ginormous change, but at least that we tried.

8th march womens day To Be A Woman Is Not Just Having XX Chromosomes

Women’s day just doesn’t deal with one specific issue, that is, women’s safety. Each one of us can easily raise question mark against the government who had done the least to ensure our safety. A legion of editorials would come up tomorrow emphasizing down on what gentlemanly men should or shouldn’t be doing with women. But is it all what women’s day is made for? Before preaching on how others should be to us, shouldn’t we all pledge to ourselves to treat self better than yesterday, shouldn’t we know how not to ill-treat ourselves, shouldn’t we broaden our mind enough to shake off those patriarchal norms which we, out of compulsion, have been obeying unwantedly and a lot-lot more, which we should do to ourselves but aren’t.

Here are a few questions I request all my gurrrls to chew over.

Do you marry when you are ready or when your family is?

Is a yes to your job dependent on your in-law’s yes?

Does your boyfriend dictate you to what do you wear and what not?

Does a pint of freshly fermented beer make you immoral?

Do you fear to backpack and step out to explore because your family is afraid and not you yourself?

Do you endure your husband’s physical thrashing just because he’s your husband?

strong women To Be A Woman Is Not Just Having XX Chromosomes

These are just a few to let yourself dig in and in and extract out the undiscovered answers which you might have discovered earlier but deliberately blind to. A woman, in my eyes, is a fountain of power. In which realm of life do we fail to not consider ourselves equivalent to men? What makes us feeble to sacrifice our dreams to fit into the dreams of family? What makes us so moron to not follow our heart and run normatively?

Do justice to yourself first. And then, ask from the world. Raise your voice to not sound loud but ambitious. Look straight into people’s eyes with not violence but the courage to fight for what you want.  Walk with your head raised and chin up when you know you’re right, even if the world may raise fingers against.

Be yourself a woman first. Not just a par of ‘x’ chromosomes makes you woman, but much more than that.


By Prerna Daga

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