The beautiful land on the northeastern stretch of India is known by Assam. Beauty of Assam is at its pinnacle during Bihu festival.

Ensconced upon the North-eastern arm of India, India’s breath-taking beauty, Assam, invites myriad of tourists round the year. Teeming with pristine air and unalloyed lifestyle is its mellow green tea garden. The majestic Brahmaputra along the state supplements Assam more with what it takes to be stunningly beautiful. With all that, its national festival Bihu tones up Assam more with the tourists’ footfall.

brahmaputra Beautiful Assam Emits Out More Beauty In Bihu Months

This article would exclusively reflect upon the Bihu festival celebrated in Assam three times a year. Bihu in context to farming has three distinct purposes and to symbolize each, it makes merry in the name of ‘Rongaali Bihu, ‘Kongaali Bihu’ and ‘Bhogaali Bihu’.

bihu Beautiful Assam Emits Out More Beauty In Bihu Months

The fourth page of calendar marks the arrival of Rongaali which actually heralds the seeding time for farmers. Rongaali is the chief of all the three and is carried on for a few days in the midst of April.  Kongaali denotes the completion of sowing of paddy and is reveled in the month of October.  Kongaali is the most silently celebrated among the trio, for it is more about the local’s devotion towards the god to have success with their crops. The last, Bhogaali glorifies Assam with gaiety in January to signify successful harvesting.

rongali bihu of assam Beautiful Assam Emits Out More Beauty In Bihu Months

Bihu is absolutely free from religious aspects, thereby spreading joviality to each, regardless of an individual’s religion. The folksongs Bihu dance is performed on are known as ‘Bihugeets’. Languages of Bihugeets have changed over the years but the clarity and simplicity of language had been kept undisturbed.

Bihu is indeed counted among one of the India’s top festivals. For those who hold in the thirst to embrace India’s different cultures, Bihu is a must-attend festival.

By Prerna Daga

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