Although Balram seems to be making arrangements for Subhadra’s wedding with Duryodhan, Krishna is all set to unite his sister with her love – Arjun

Sudbhadra, both Krishna and Balram’s sister is in big dilemma now in the new Mahabharat. The damsel seems to have made Arjun her husband from her mind and soul. However, Balram, the elder brother is keen to marry her off with his disciple Duryodhan, the prince of Hastinapur and elder son of Dhritarashtr.

Subhadra Krishna And the Beautiful Subhadra Meets the Dashing Warrior Arjun

Just when Subhadra is thinking what to do and what not to do, Kunti comes in her room with all the jewelry. She comes as a substitute to Gandhari. Subhadra isn’t happy at all and reveals her affection for her love Arjun who is Kunti’s son of course. Kunti is shock to know this. Although she tries to convince Subahdra that Arjun is in exile and even she doesn’t know much about his whereabouts, Subahdra is adamant that she cannot marry Duryodhan as she is madly in love with Arjun.

In addition, she also expresses her displeasure over her two strong brothers and reveals how disappointed she is with them both. She thinks she is bali ka bakra in all the political tensions. Something that worries her most is that the strange truth that she cannot choose her own husband despite the fact that she has good strong brothers in the form of Krishna and Balram.

And just when she is expressing her dhukyari kahani to Kunti, a dasi pops in and tells that Krishna wants her to go to Somnath to escort a Maharaj from there to Dwarka. Oh, yes yes you guessed it right, the Maharaj is none other than Arjun.

So, the two meet, and together they come in Dwarka. Subahdra is angry at Krishna and that is the moment he reveals and gives her a big surprise that the Maharaj is Arjun in disguise..

By: Deepti Verma

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