Know the basic foundation mistakes and simple tips to fix them. It ain’t that difficult to get your foundation right!

While travelling on the NYC subway today with my sister, an old bedraggled lady entered the train. I, being my old chivalrous self sprang up from my seat to let her sit ( She looked tired ) but this chick gave me the best stare down and walked off. Though, I was trying to gather my battered ego my sister whispered to me “I think it just was her makeup!”

foundation mistakes women make Beauty 101 : Top 5 Foundation Mistakes to Avoid!

And I was again back to my chivalrous spirit “I have to save the world from bad makeup!”

Which brings us to this article .. Today I will be talking about basic makeup mistakes regarding your foundation and simple tips to fix them

1. Not using a Primer

Problems : Makeup doesn’t stay long / Pores look bigger

Its a CRIME NOT TO PRIME , basically a primer is a foundation for the foundation. It helps form a base and fix up the skin before the makeup and basically provide a surface for the foundation to stick to . There are many types of primers.

The pore fixing primer : This is one which reduces the appearances of pores by blurring them out and helps your makeup appear more porcelain.

pore primer Beauty 101 : Top 5 Foundation Mistakes to Avoid!

The mattifying helps absorb the excess oils and helps prevent your makeup from looking shiny and oily . Also since its mattifying it helps makeup from melting and helps makeup last longer.

bodyshop Beauty 101 : Top 5 Foundation Mistakes to Avoid!

The Moisturizing primer : This adds to your foundation excellent moisturisation so along with making your makeup blend better , It also helps prevent your makeup from looking cake-y

 Beauty 101 : Top 5 Foundation Mistakes to Avoid!

The brightening primer : Meant for dull skin .. these are mostly tinted and add an excellent sheen to your skin . They help give a healthy glow to your skin and are perfect for a night out.
benefit that gal brightening face primer profile Beauty 101 : Top 5 Foundation Mistakes to Avoid!

Special needs primers are also available with SPF , redness and anti acne meds in the primer themselves . So go choose your pick !!

2. Cover Your Whole Face/Neck/DÉCOLLETAGE  !!

Problem : Face is a different colour than neck
Now ladies I know your foundation is expensive but if you’re applying foundation ,INVEST IN IT.

paris hilton bad make up Beauty 101 : Top 5 Foundation Mistakes to Avoid!

Pull your hair back with a scrunchie and apply foundation starting right at the hairline upto your neckline . Makeup should look like skin and not like something that is on skin .

3. Buy Makeup Same As Your Skin Color

Problem: Fake looking makeup/Makeup makes you look old

Now ladies let me break it down to you Foundation will hide imperfections/make u look brighter/younger BUT IT WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR SKIN COLOR. Buying foundation 2 shades lighter and then piling it on your face will not help . It just creates white patches and makes your skin look old and fake . You want people to think you’re beautiful and not your makeup.

drew barrymore makeup powder fail Beauty 101 : Top 5 Foundation Mistakes to Avoid!

There are different tones to each skin colour too . You may have fair skin but it may have either pink or yellow tones to it . For example if you have a pink toned skin and use a foundation for yellow tones this will just make you look pale and washed out . In the same way using a pink toned foundation for a yellow toned skin will make your skin look fake and old.

So always choose foundation the exact color as your skin not the colour of your wrist . Always test foundation in natural light before buying . If its the correct shade you won’t be able to see the foundation except the brightness from it . You’re skin will look healthier and not a different colour.

skin tone make up Beauty 101 : Top 5 Foundation Mistakes to Avoid!
If there’s a shade that works for you and you run out , take the bottle along to buy your next foundation .. and choose the shade closest to it even if switching companies.

4. Adjust Makeup to Day and Night

Problem : Looking OTT in the day and Pale at night

Girls makeup is supposed to be changed whether you’re going to the sunday brunch or the saturday night out . One size doesn’t fit all. How to avoid mistakes ? If doing makeup for the day , step out into the balcony /garden and do makeup in natural light . Day makeup needs lighter coverage and subtle shades of blush. Makeup to paint the town red ?? Do makeup in bright light , add tones of shimmer and don’t be afraid to go va-va-voom .

jessica alba 660 Beauty 101 : Top 5 Foundation Mistakes to Avoid!

5. Where does the bronzer/blusher go?

Problem: Bronzer makes you look dark/Blush makes you look like a school girl/badger

A bronzer has to simulate a tan , so it has to be applied to the sun kissed areas of your face . Roughly it has to be applied on the T zone of your face and neck and below your cheek bones.
where to apply makeup bronzer Beauty 101 : Top 5 Foundation Mistakes to Avoid!

A helpful tip? Never mix brushes for bronzer, face powder and blush. The’re supposed to be used separately for a reason.


women face shape blush Beauty 101 : Top 5 Foundation Mistakes to Avoid!

The purpose of a blush is to make your cheekbones stand out and to give you a healthy flush . Some beauty experts suggest using a blush according to the shape of your face . What I would suggest is apply the after sucking your cheeks in just along the lines created with a lighter cover just on the middle of your cheeks for a dewy day look.

makeup mistakes to avoid Beauty 101 : Top 5 Foundation Mistakes to Avoid!

Another tip for a blush is to try to match the tone of the lipstick with the blush. This helps simulate a healthy flush to your lips and cheeks .. the flush ought to be the same colour right ? But Please don’t use a lipstick for a blush ( have pity on me )

So those are the tips for now ( I have much more advice .. believe me ) I promise to be back soon!!! 

By: Bhavna Sharma

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