In India, beauty & power doesn’t go hand in hand – From Sunanda Pushkar to Deepika Padukone & now Nupur Sharma of BJP, women with beauty & power continue to be misrepresented

Who doesn’t like beauty? A fair, tall Punjabi girl with perfect features and beautiful long hair is the description which every Indian mother will give if you ask her about her future daughter in law. When asked from a regular Indian guy, his answer will add more adjectives, almost describing the “ trophy wife”.

punjabi woman india Beauty And Power – Not Acceptable to have Both in India

Trophy wife meaning the best package of everything a man wants in his wife and is able to show if off to the world with utmost pride. But, as shallow as we are with our preferences with beauty, we are as judgmental, with what we see and perceive. Why do we have double standards in the Indian society for what we like and aspire for? Why can’t we be accepting and receptive?

We all like beauty, but when that beauty is achieved with a little more, feelings like jealousy and greed overpowers our senses and make us turn into haters. And trust me, haters don’t go far in life. Sunanda Tharoor has been one of the recent examples of the victims of the Indian society. Her charming self along with the spurt of power she had in her, resulted in her controversial death.

Sunanda Pushkar 1 Beauty And Power – Not Acceptable to have Both in India

Serena Williams recently sported a neon green and pink backless outfit at one of her events. She was quoted saying that the backless outfit was to make a point that “you can be beautiful and powerful at the same time”.  A regular girl is celebrated for the package of being beautiful and powerful at the same time, but in India, it has a time frame. We will accept and celebrate the girl for a brief period, until; we find the flaw, which can help us console ourselves that no girl in our society deserves it all.

serena williams tennis Beauty And Power – Not Acceptable to have Both in India

It is often seen that women at top positions, being too ambitious have to compromise on the family and kids and even friends. But even after that, do we support such women in India? Do we stand up for them? We all know the answers. The only thing we do is talk about their flaws as a not being a good house maker and not being a family oriented women. God forbid, if she is beautiful, she has crossed the line.

stuti jalan woman entrepreneur india Beauty And Power – Not Acceptable to have Both in India

In Bollywood, there are actresses who are the perfect package of beauty and talent, Yet, they are demeaned and disrespected by the media again and again. For instance, Deepika Padukone, one of the best actresses we have today. She is respected and loved by the whole nation. But, the media wont spare her; time and again they have disrespected her through various acts like the “ Cleavage act”. Have you ever seen in any Hollywood news about an actress’s cleavage showing in a derogatory way? No, rather they celebrate their assets while maintaining a certain level of respect for the celebrity. While, in response to Deepika’s outrage against the picture, they posted more pictures claiming that this is not the first time, she has worn a deep cleavage-exposing outfit.

deepika padukone cleavage Beauty And Power – Not Acceptable to have Both in India

Another time, when Deepika was in the news when she was seen playing tennis with Federer, another wave of criticism was experienced. People were commenting on why is Deepika Padukone meant to be there in the court with Federer? This Criticism was in response to accepting the fact that a girl is a top actress with brains and a sports lover. How can she have everything? Isn’t that too much? No one says it directly, but that’s the inference we get from the Indian society.

deepika roger federer laughing Beauty And Power – Not Acceptable to have Both in India

Make up, is another defense, which we use to come out of our unsatisfied weary wants from our own lives. Not generalizing it completely, but what’s up with make up issues. Everyone wears make up to look better, what wrong are you committing by doing that? Recently, I read on a popular news website that a female candidate named Nupur Sharma from BJP has stood up against Arvind Kejriwal in the Delhi assembly elections, 2015.

nupur sharma bjp Beauty And Power – Not Acceptable to have Both in India

Unfortunately, the girl is a pretty girl who is a graduate from LSE, London. I see a long comment below the article saying first she should get rid of her makeup and then on the girl’s audacity to stand up in the elections. And if you see it for yourself, she has actually no make up on.

make up women politician india Beauty And Power – Not Acceptable to have Both in India

But, this cheap defense is another example of how our society has created boundaries for women and if they cross these boundaries, criticism and demotion is what they receive.

By: Vidhi Sagar

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