Its beef ban in Maharashtra. Know why it is good and healthy to keep the cows alone. Check out why one shouldn’t eat cows!

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Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Cows 

With the ban on Beef in Maharashtra a national debate is going on, especially on twitter , on the various effects and implications of the ban. This opinion which was shared on our community highlights 10 reasons why one shouldn’t eat beef. Do read it.

Technology in Cricket – A Boon or a Bane? 

The modern human life has become flooded with technology. The astounding advancements made in the field of technology continue to enrich our daily lives and endear them to us but at the very same time they are the root causes of most of the daily stress that we encounter or the terrible new diseases that now mug mankind. Cricket, a sport that has profound long-established pedigree where the age old traditions are revered and worshipped, has not escaped the war and often finds itself torn between age-old customs and rapidly growing technology. Is technology really good for Cricket? What are the various technology being used in Cricket and how are these affecting the game.Read more to find out.

16th Annual Yoga Festival: My Call To Rishikesh

A photo post on Rishikesh, it provides a collage of vivid pictures of the old city. Don’t forget to take a look of the divine as well as mesmerizing Rishikesh, the heaven on earth!

World Math day

Eager to know what happens in a Math Day? How is it celebrated? Check out the post and know everything about World Math Day!

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