Begum Jodha has slowly started ruling Jalal’s mind. Watch out how she cleverly advises him to forgive Bakshi Banu..

Begum Jodha’s questioning and reasoning skills have finally rescued Bakshi Banu from seclusion in Jodha Akbar. Jalal who earlier was reluctant to even look at his sister’s face have now brought her to the palace, credits to Jodha Begum who could easily influence Jalal’s mind.

Paridhi Sharma Jodha Akbar Begum Jodha Turns Advisor in Jodha Akbar

Television actress Paridhi Sharma during the press conference of television serial Jodha Akbar in Mumbai on October 1, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

Makes we wonder, whether Rajvanshi’s had so influential mind that they could control a Mughal brain? Well, maybe Jodha and Jalal’s case was different as the latter was falling for her deeply. Okay, but let’s not take Jodha’s credit as the way she made him think over the issue was certainly appreciable.

So, what did the Rajvanshi Mughal Begum execute? Well, well, well, Begum Jodha could actually do something which neither Maham Anga nor Ruqqaiya could do. Oh yes, she made Jalal think as a brother rather than a shehenshah over the entire case of Bakshi Banu. While the entire girl gang couldn’t convince the adamant Akbar, she alone could easily manipulate Jalal’s mind  by reminding him his own Mughal riwaz – “Sau gunehgaar chuth gaye toh thik hai lekin ek begunah ko sazza nahi milni chaihiye.”

Wondering who is Begunah here? Well, Bakshi Banu is pregnant so if Bakshi Banu is punished, the child too suffers and hence become the victim of that crime which he never committed. So, Jodha smartly reminds Jalal that if he won’t forgive Bakshi now, he will be punishing his nephew forever.

This also indicates that Jalal have to forgive Sharif-ud-Din and even take him out from the prison.Let’s see if he too is set free as Jodha now has promised Bakshi Banu in fulfuling her wish to see Sharif-Ud-Din alongside her.

By: Deepti Verma

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