AAP’s recent measures, which are more populist than effective has drawn some flak. As supporters begin to lose faith the party needs to pull its socks up.

Today I feel humiliated by the party of the common man, AAP, which is in power at Delhi. I feel cheated by the very same people who I supported in their year long struggle which used to be known as the second Independence Struggle.  The feeling of misery that comes to my mind due to certain decisions taken by the AAP in the recent past which clearly shows its intentions in case it somehow succeeds to form a government at the centre. I want to highlight some of the points which in my opinion do not serve the country or its countrymen

AAP 300x168 From being a Strong Believer to a Non Believer of AAP

Bhushan Saga

If there is one person from India who should be selected for the Noble peace prize – it should be given to none other than Prashant Bhushan, core committee member of AAP. If he ever becomes our home minister then we will be able to resolve all internal issues like Naxalism, Kashmir , etc. in no time! Again and again he has stressed on the idea of referendum whenever there is some kind of dispute or militancy in any part of India. I think if AAP gets power at the centre Bhushan may go an extra mile to request the government for a referendum in Kashmir by the intervention of UNO. Pakistan will then ask India to conduct the referendum in whole of the Kashmir including POK and since India has only 45% of the Kashmir hence there is certainty that it will be in favor of Pakistan. In that case we may hear voices from other rebels also be it Khalistanis, militants from north east etc. Hence it will become a norm which will severely dent the democratic structure of India and lead to dismemberment. Such kind of decisions also lead to degradation of morale of our army which is trying their best to consolidate the positions at the Borders.

Reservation for Delhi University

First there was reservation based on caste, and then based on religion and now it is on region. The so called most progressive party of India has finally given in to populist measures. University of Delhi is known for its quality and diverse culture where students from all parts of the country try hard to get admission. If 90% of the seats will be reserved for the students who will pass out from Delhi it will give a negative message to the people who have reposed their faith in AAP. It will also degrade the quality and standard of DU.

Reversing the decision on FDI on Multi-brand Retail

India is a diversified country both economically and socially. We have some of the richest people of the world along with the poorest ones. Hence there is no dearth of business ideas. To take advantage of the big customer base many companies set-up their businesses in India. Some of them keen to start multi-brand retail. Finally government pays heed to the voices of the businessmen and passes out the FDI in multibrand retail in India. There is no example in India where a mall leads to the closure of any kirana shop because each of them cater to the needs of a different customer. If FDI comes there will be more choices available for the Indian customer and more competition will lead to a better price differential. By reversing the decision without any debate AAP has clearly shown its attitude which is more leftist and industry averse.

The above points justify that AAP is in a hurry and taking decisions without giving enough thought to it. This attitude shows that like all other parties it believes in populist measures instead of improving the flaws in system on the basis of which it has contested and won the elections. If such kind of policies are continued by the AAP then its fall is imminent. Hope some sense will prevail before much water has flown out before the election otherwise it will become a thing of the past and remain in the memory just like the first independence movement of 1857 which finished off without any result.

Former AAP supporter
Hitesh Pundir

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