Here’s an interesting take on Bengal Bypolls (TMC VS BJP) where the writer links the incident to the famous Vishwamitra – Vashishtha fight for Absolute Power

Reader’s memory is not that weak and one could easily recall the day when BJP chief Amit Shah had  declared war on the West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee asserting that the countdown had begun for the end of the Trinamool Congress government in the state. 

amit shah mamta banerjee Bypolls Result : Bengal Is Still A Distant Dream For BJP

“Didi if you can hear and if you can see, please see that I am Amit Shah, a very small worker of the BJP. I have come to Bengal to uproot the corrupt TMC regime from the state.” It was his response, Mr Shah said, to “Mamataji wanting to know who Amit Shah is.” He had declared that he was in the state to “uproot” the Trinamool from Bengal. BJP has been celebrating Nov 30 as ‘Uththan Diwas’ (Day of Rising). But from next year, we will be celebrating the day as the day of Trinamool’s demise, Shah said, asserting that the countdown for Trinamool’s departure had begun.

Unfortunately, for BJP and Amit Shah, what is lotted can’t be blotted. Soon after the crushing defeat in Delhi election, the BJP is facing another humiliating defeat in Bengal bypolls. The defeat of BJP in both the seats came as a jolt to the party’s prospects in Bengal, where it has been aiming to increase its mass base after its good show in last Lok Sabha polls. Mamatabala Thakur wins in the Bongaon (SC) Lok Sabha seat and Satyajit Biswas retains the Krishnaganj assembly seat. The BJP is relegated to the third position and it comes as a disappointment for the party top brass, which had pinned high hopes on Bongaon seat.

And this reminds me of the mythological narration of two Maharishis, as narrated by my Guru Shree Shyam Sunder Das Ji when I was attending the symposium ‘Hamare Purvaj’ in my school days. 

“As contemporaries, Vishwamitra always wanted Vashishtha to call him Rajarshi or Brahmarshi, meaning “one who has attained the absolute highest.” But Vashishtha refused to use that title when he was speaking to Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra said, “If you do not tell the whole world that I have realized the absolute Power, then I shall kill all your spiritual children one by one.

Vashishtha refused to acquiesce to the exaction. He would not address him by that title. In rage, Vishwamitra killed Vashishtha’s one hundred disciples, whom he called his sons. Even after the massacres Vashishtha would not declare that Vishwamitra had achieved the status of Brahmarshi. In desperation, his wife, Arundhati, pleaded with him: “What are you doing? If you just say that Vishwamitra has realised the Highest, what harm is there in it? He has killed all your disciples. I am afraid that if you do not fulfill his wish, he will kill you as well.” The pleading of wife failed to change his mind.

On a particular night Vishwamitra decided to kill Vashishtha.  At the critical moment of action Vashishta was immersed in prayer. Other sages were sitting around him performing regular rites. Vishwamitra rushed against Vashishta and launched many arrows from his bow. Other sages saw this sudden danger and began to run away. By this noise Vashishta was disturbed out of his prayer. He opened his eyes.  Before him stood Vishwamitra with a deadly weapon ready to strike. Vashishta called his running disciples at once and ordained to cast away their fear. He took out the Yoga-Danda on which he had been resting his arm and planted it in front. Vishwamitra went on shooting arrows and other weapons.

To the great disappointment of Vishwamitra, every arrow would come up to the Yoga-Danda and would be swallowed by it. All the magical arrows and weapons he had obtained as a result of his penance of years became useless.

In utter desperation Vishwamitra sighed and cried, “Dhig–balam Kshatriya-balam, Bramha-tejo-balam balam” which means, “Power of arms is worse than useless, before the power of Brahmatejas (divine power bestowed by Brahma) which is the only power worth possessing.
It seems that appears a repeat of the epic narrative in Bengal today.

TMC VS BJP WEST BENGAL Bypolls Result : Bengal Is Still A Distant Dream For BJP

The convincing victory of TMC candidate Mamatabala Thakur in the Bongaon (SC) Lok Sabha seat with a margin of more than 2,11,794 votes reminds us how the austerity and penance of Mamata Banerjee put paid to the aspirations and ambition of RSS, Amit Shah and Co in Bengal.

This victory soon of BJP’s decimation in Delhi elections came as a big relief for Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.  This bypoll was dubbed as a prestige fight after state minister Manjul Krishna Thakur quit here government and the party and joined BJP. Mamatabala Thakur secured 5,39,990 votes, her nearest rival CPI(M)’s Debesh Das received 3,28,196 votes and Manjul’s son Subrata Thakur, who was BJP’s candidate in Bongaon Lok Sabha seat, secured 3,14,119 votes.

The bypoll results are important as these are coming ahead of the elections to the Kolkata Municipal Corporation and about 80 municipalities across the state, and the assembly polls to be held next year.  Several TMC leaders and state minister Madan Mitra are under a cloud and grill by the CBI in connection with the Saradha Chitfund scam. This victory in both the seats is a shot in the arm for Mamata Banerjee. 

The CPI(M) was able to maintain its number two position in a neck and neck fight with BJP, its vote share dwindled significantly from 4,04,612 votes to 3,28,196.

The Congress fails again to make any impact in the polls.

By: Naim Naqvi

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