Punishment to the criminal does not mean any thing to the violated women who already underwent the trauma of molestation.’ What to do then?


Molester’s Mindset !

When do people start stealing food?When they are hungry and don’t get enough food otherwise! This applies to ‘sex’ appetite in India ,as well. All over the world,an average boy matures into an adult and starts seeking ‘sex’ by the time he turns ,say 13 years or so.Thereafter, the adolescent boys usually get to taste sex by 14 or 15 years every where but unfortunately ,not in India.

sexual crimes india Bengaluru Molestation: How To Avoid ?

As an Indian boy,many have their first opportunity to touch a female only when he turns 28 or more and gets married ! Till then,he dreams for sex and has nocturnal emissions or ends up masturbating in frustration.When sexual urge builds up,there is no way out for poor Indian boys.In western countries like US,a teenage boy gets to ‘f**k’ a girl by the time he is around 12 years or so.Boys out there are not sexually starved ,ever looking for opportunities to touch girls at any cost.But in India,the boys in teens never get opportunities  to talk to a girl  that easily.If ‘talking’ itself is so difficult,where will they go for ‘kissing’ or more!Frustrated boys go to satisfy their sex urges by rubbing the backs of women in rush hour bus journeys or in thick crowds.So  the moment the light goes off in a public event where girls are seen around ,they naturally decide to try their luck.

India starves the youth sexually but increases their hunger !

While on one hand,the Indian society starves the boys of their legitimate biological need, on the other hand ,the Indian media does every thing possible to feed the spirit of lust in them.All movies have near-porn scenes and semi- nude songs charging every male with lusty thoughts.All Indian adults remain fully charged ever ready to fire,the moment a spark lights.Even in early morning hours,our TVs do not air devotionals but lusty songs with heroines dancing in wet petticoats amply showing off what men want to see most.The men  charged thus struggles to let it out.India has no approved avenues available unlike in foreign countries like Thailand where one can use’Pay & Eject’ facilities.

Added to this is the fact that Indian women who were rarely seen moving around earlier are now  found every where,even in ships sailing in mid seas, as cadets in uniform!They not only move around casually,they also assert their right to  freely dress as they want . Today I went for shopping to a super market.As I was getting down,I noticed a young lady in black chudidar WITHOUT ANY COVERING ON HER LEGS UPTO WAIST !Her fair waist and legs are visible through the chudidar split near waist!It may be ‘fair’ but its quite unfair on her part to do so.

I could not take my eyes off her waist even as my hands are on my car door yet to be closed.I called my wife and showed her the’half nude lady.The male in me was pumping blood full ,asking me to pin her down and follow Nike’s slogan “Just do it !”As we entered the market,I realised that she is not what I thought she was.Yes,she was wearing a leggings but it was skin tight,  in skin brown colour,giving an impression of nudity! Now,if she caused quakes in an ‘old’ man like me,what will young men do,than to obey nature’s call?None can deny that sexy dress,does have a role in inciting sexual crimes.

Action Plan For Controlling Sexual Crimes

The moment we talk about sexual crimes,many opine that enhanced punishment is the best way to decrease sexual crimes.Nothing can be far from truth than this idea.Punishment,at the most, serves as a ‘legalised revenge’ than as a ‘deterrent’ .This is amply  proved by the crime statistics following Nirbhaya’s after math.Then, what’s the effective way out?

Lets take another youthly crime for comparison .Drug abuse-How do you control drug abuse?Drugs are essential for treatment and so cannot be banned.Most effective way is by ‘restricting’ availability of drugs freely.Similar logic applies to controlling sexual crimes also.Restricting the availability of ‘women’ and ‘opportunities’ for crime,are arguably the best ways of controlling sexual crimes.’Right opportunities’ for sexual crimes arise when a girl walks alone,say at midnight without an escort.

marital rape Bengaluru Molestation: How To Avoid ?

The Bengaluru Kammaahalli incident happened because ,it was the ‘right time’ for it.So wise women avoid being alone in such situations.Men,however are designed to move midnight like cats, moving with ease.Don’t expect onlookers at midnight to come to your rescue because they know that the risk involved is higher in night.The offenders can just stab and run away.Another possibility that cannot be ruled out is the onlookers also joining the crime!So best thing for girls is to do is to avoid such opportunities at all cost.

Fancy Suggestions That Won’t Work !

Some uninformed people have given some suggestions that may not work even in dreams.Here are a few :

  • Adequate Police Protection

For Bengaluru midnight revelry 1500 police were provided at MG Road venue.The area of greater Bengaluru is 741 sq km with a population of around 85 lacs. The Police strength may be around 3000 in all (110 stations x average 10).So it is impractical to give Police protection for girls to roam freely in the night.

  • Women Should Learn Self-Defence

Good idea but should be used not for roaming in the night.All said and done,men in lust are like animals unleashed.Women can hardly manage them.By encouraging women to fight it out,we are leading them unnecessarily into a risky zone.Dignity lost is like scrambled egg.You cannot unscramble it.

  •    Bees Should Be Taught To Avoid Sitting On Flowers 

Some say that men should be taught to restrain themselves from sexual assaults.Not all men are  ‘rapists’ but most men have a ‘rapist’ in them hiding,waiting for the right time to show up.Women should not invoke that ‘rapist’ in their own interests by improper attire or time.

mumbai minor rape Bengaluru Molestation: How To Avoid ?

As a responsible father,my advice to you all is ’Lets counsel our daughters/sisters/friends not to be misled by the people encouraging them to take undue  risk.Move safely,in safe environs,in safe timings for essential activities only.Dignity lost cannot be restored.Punishment to the criminal does not mean any thing to the violated women who already underwent  the trauma of molestation.’

By -A Responsible Father

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