An open letter by an infuriated senior citizen regarding the plight of being allotted lower berths by the Indian Railways

I was extremely happy when  I heard Hon.Railway Minister announcing priority allotment of LOWER BERTHS to Senior Citizens in his Budget Speech.It only demonstrated his concern for Seniors.

However I find that the facility is yet to be implemented .{Though God has been kind to grant the BOON ,Pujari{Priest}will not distribute}

Issues Faced

1.When  vacant Lower berths are less or the allotment has to be done from the Senior Citizens Quota ONLY ONE LOWER BERTH is allotted though TWO Senior Citizens{even if they are husband and wife} apply for Lower Berths under ONE application.They have to apply individually for getting  LOWER BERTHS.I feel it can be simplified and available seats can be allotted to genuine passengers instead of restricting ONE LOWER BERTH per application.

2.Most of the trains have V.I.P quotas .These are released only 3-4 hours before departure of trains.{They are also called EQs}.If Berths are available,berths for passengers under RAC and Waitlist are also released/allotted either prior to allotment of EQs or along with EQs. Therefore priority for LOWER BERTHS may/could be given to Senior Citizens instead of passengers under EQs if they are below 60..At present LOWER BETHS are allotted to passengers under EQs though they are less than 60.

3.Sorry to say that representations/requests are neither replied nor attended.

Though I have been discriminated number of times I attach 3 letters  as documentary evidence.

By Balagangadharan

p.s: These are problems faced by ALL seniors.Mine is not an isolated case.

Indian Railways Lower Berths = Low Priority for Senior Citizens

Letter 1

Dear Shri Maheshwari,

I am Balagangadharan,aged 83,retired General Manager of a Nationalized Bank.

I am a frequent traveler by rail by Upper Class mostly to Kerala and also to Delhi .I have been experiencing difficulties  to get LOWER BERTHS though most trains have Quota of Lower Berths for Senior Citizens . The problems are:

1.Under one application only ONE lower berth is allotted under QUOTA though more than one lower berth is available.I have to apply separately {one for me and one for my wife} .As per present system ONLY ONE LOWER BERTH is allotted when a senior citizen is ACCOMPANIED by A COMPANION.

2 Passengers UNDER 60 years  getting tickets/Berths under EQ are given priority for lower berths ignoring the requests of Senior Citizens  .

3.These are problems faced by ALL Seniors.But they only curse their fate.

3.Though I have been writing to various officials in Railways including Chairman Railway Board the system has not been modified to redress our grievance.  Hence this mail.

5.The attachments are documentary evidences.Kindly forward them  to Railway Board/concerned authority and ask them to modify systems FRIENDLY to SENIOR CITIZENS.

Lower Berth Lower Berths = Low Priority for Senior Citizens


Letter 2

Dear Mr Rao,

1.I had applied to buy TWO LOWER BERTH tickets{Second A/C} for Padma,my wife, and I on 29/10/2014 for our return journey from Ernakulam Town to Chennai Central by train 12696/TVC CHENNAI EXPRESS.

I am 82 and Padma73.{Senior Citizens}.I was allotted  ONE lower Berth{23} in A1 and Padma,aged 73, was allotted a SIDE UPPER BERTH {24 } in A1. Pl see PNR4513957040.

2.As she cannot climb up and we have to necessarily return to Chennai,I submitted a fresh application for a LOWER BERTH TICKET for her.She got lower berth ticket.{ Berth 37 in A2}{PNR4301578162}.

3.If LOWER BERTHS are available and the passenger is eligible why do you make Senior citizens apply twice or more.I have to cancel the Upper Berth ticket and lose cancellation charges.Why make me suffer?

4.If at all some other senior had applied for a lower berth before my second application Padma would not have got a Lower Berth and will suffer for no fault of hers.

5.Kindly advise me the name of proper authority who has powers to consider modifying the rules/SYSTEM in favour of Senior Citizens.

indian railway Lower Berths = Low Priority for Senior Citizens


Letter 3

Dear Mr.Rao,

Padma ,my wife and I were  passengers on train 22639 from Chennai to ERS by 2A.

PNR4614506191 Balagangadharan

PNR4301667391 Padma B

You might have now noticed we are frequent travelers.*

*{Regarding my return tickets I will write to you separately. I don’t want to confuse you}

While booking tickets I was originally waiting list 3 but RAC 8 and wife still below.

1.Both of us were allotted UPPER BERTHS in TWO different compartments.

I found from your chart exhibited at the station:

{a}Waitlisted passengers with numbers 12 and 13  and so on were allotted LOWER BERTHS{1 and3},of course two passengers under one berth to start with.I am sure the second passenger tied up with the first would have got a separate berth subsequently.PLEASE CHECK and reply.

Is it the “fault” of system?

{b}There were 12 H.O releases in A1.Four in each “block”.

8 were under 60.

6 LOWER BERTHS were given to them.


If not why super seniors like us were not considered for LOWER BERTHS when berths are allotted only at the time of preparation of Chart for RAC and waitlisted passengers.?

{c} Who sponsored the lucky 12 in blocks of 4.?

Please reply to all points.

{I live in Chennai.I would like to meet you to get more clarifications on your system of allotting berths as I would like to submit a comprehensive submission to the Govt for modification of system,if possible.}.My mobile number is 9941424732.

By Balagangadharan


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