If you are one person who loves brands, you can now create a bespoke palatial designer house or even host a startling designer wedding

The art of living constantly revolves around how interesting and beguiling can you make your life look. The world around you endlessly judges you according to the clothes you wear, your education, your social skills, your house and the list will go on. Finally, it’s all about how good you are at presenting everything you have with utmost artistry. All of us love everything to be according to our individual preferences like our food and most importantly our clothes.

We bespoke everything today ranging from food to wedding celebrations. But if you are one person who loves brands, you can create a bespoke luxury life for yourself because brands are not limited to just clothes and bags. You can now create a bespoke palatial designer house or even host a startling designer wedding for your children.

bespoke luxury living Bespoke Luxury Living

Cavalli, Armani, Fendi are some of the finest high end luxury brand fashion houses which have expanded their customer base from the show room to your bedroom. These designers have provided you with an opportunity to not just limit yourself to bags and jewelry from their line but also make your living room or bedroom to be called by their name. A Cavalli mansion or an Armani suite is what you would hear these days. These houses have everything a brand conscious brat would love to flaunt. Think of a calfskin black couch with a pair of gold plated lamps on either side, a set up under the umbrella of a riveting black Cavalli chandelier. Wouldn’t you love to have this set up in your house?

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Indian designers lie no far behind in following the footsteps of the originals. Designers like Rohit Bal, JJ Vallaya, to name a few initially entered the Indian clothing retail industry and established themselves amongst the top of the A list. Their name in the Indian fashion industry and their market value gives them an added advantage in order to start a parallel line. They realized that their brand value is such that could sell in a market where people want to spend. People love spending on their lifestyle and specially their houses. Now, you will see a Rohit Bal designed house, a restaurant or even a club. Everything from the furniture to the carpets to the lighting has been hand picked or designed by the designer. The place becomes a brand in it’s self, with the classic touch of the respective designer.

decor Bespoke Luxury Living LAP Delhi copy 300x158 Bespoke Luxury Living

Weddings are another major spending in the Indian household. Gone are those days when the bride and groom wanted the most simple marriage ceremony in the presence of just a few loved ones. Now, The more money you have, the more lavish is the wedding. Grandeur of the occasion can be best articulated through the range of flowers used, the ceiling décor, the hanging lanterns, the mandap set up and most importantly, the set up of the main stage. Also, like your clothes and your bags, your wedding could be from your favorite designer.

wedding decor Bespoke Luxury Living

Rohit Bal and JJ Vallaya are amongst the few good ones who do high-end exquisite wedding décor under their respective brand names. If they charge a considerable amount, there lies a commitment to make your dream wedding into a reality. So, if you are a brand-loving brat, the Indian market provides you with ample opportunities to experience a tailor made sumptuous lifestyle.

bride luxury living Bespoke Luxury Living

By: Vidhi Sagar
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