Interesting features of Islam, the 5-pillars and what’s beyond the teachings

We often come across people who perform prayers 5-times, who fast, read the Quran, Zakat & charity and perform Nafil Umras & even Haj. Their faces too are enlightened with beards. But, at the same time, we observe that moral graph of our people is going down very fast. TV and Newspapers are witness to the increasing crime rate among us.

So, the question comes to the mind ‘How come a community who is exercising all the worships of Islam is committing such immoral acts?‘ It means there is something missing which is derailing us from the real path of Islam. In other words, we are sowing the seeds but instead of getting a proper crop, we are getting all malicious bushes and trees. Let us see what’s wrong.

Namaaz Beyond the 5 Pillars of Islam

A Thorough Assessment

In fact, today’s Islam is revolving around only one Hadith. Though there were many other Ahadees which were stressed far more stronger than this but we made all of them secondary. Even the Quran has become secondary. That Hadith is ‘‘بُنِيَ الْإِسْلَامُ عَلَى خَمْسٍ شَهَادَةِ أَنْ لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا اللَّهُ وَأَنَّ ‏ ‏مُحَمَّدًا ‏ ‏رَسُولُ اللَّهِ وَإِقَامِ الصَّلَاةِ وَإِيتَاءِ الزَّكَاةِ وَالْحَجِّ وَصَوْمِ رَمَضَانَِ’’ . This is also named as 5-pillars of Islam means Kalima, Namaz, Fasting, Zakat and Haj. He cannot be a Muslim if anyone denies or has any doubt about this Hadees.

But we have to realize also that there are many Ahadees which ordain to construct the building too on the pillars. There were many things equally important, rather more important than 5 pillars but for centuries, our elders deliberately or not neglected those Ahadees and put their utmost efforts in building the pillars only.

For example, where the namaz is stressed by یقیمون الصلوٰۃ it is also stressed in the same Quran with the same degree of intensity on justice کونوا قوامین بالقسط. Another example, where the fasting or Zakat or haj are stressed, it is also stressed with far more emphasis that all the worships will thrown on the face if the income is not Halaal – means if it is earned by telling lie, cheating, interest or bribe.

quran ponder1 Beyond the 5 Pillars of Islam

There are many other Ahadees which stress more on establishing a morality based society but we held on to the 5 pillars Hadees firmly and neglected other Ahadees completely. Whole teachings of Islam are divided into two catagories. One is Huqooqullah( HA) and other one is Huqooqul Ibad (HI). HA Means the Rights of Allah, and HI means the Rights of other human beings.

Huqooqullah builds your personality and Huqooqul ibaad builds the society. If someone is personally very pious, it doesn’t make any difference on others but if a person lies or cheats or doesn’t honor his promise, it effects many. Therefore H.I is far more important than HA.

There is a Hadees too reported by Hazrat Ayesha RZ that “On the day of judgement, 3 files of every person will be presented. One of Shirk, 2nd of H.I. and third of HA”. Allah may forgive the negligence in HA but will never pardon if there is any shortcoming in HI. Therefore it is said that الدین معاملہ means Islam is identified with Dealings not with worships or faces or clothes. Thus Deen or islam is defined in only two words. Here is the mistake which we have been doing for centuries.


To define a pious person we usually say “He is very much Namazi”. We took it for granted that identification of a good Muslim is Namaz while the Namaz is purely an act of HA which is between Allah and the person, it has nothing to do with the dealings with others. His identification as a good Muslim should have been by his degree of righteousness, truthfulness, keeping the promise, refraining from the slip of tongue, establishing justice, refraining from back biting etc. But this identity of a Muslim does not exist anymore, Why? Because we put our all energies on 5 pillars but never treated HI as equal to 5 pillars.

pillarsIslam Beyond the 5 Pillars of Islam


You will find millions of books, speeches and articles on Namaz, Roza, Zakat or Haj which are obligatory once in a life time or in a year or 5 times a day but you will find hardly find any book or speech on those dangerous acts which are with us for 24 hours like a virus in the air, like telling lies, back biting, cheating, injustice, earning Haraam etc., these things never were written or spoken as strongly as the 5 pillars, why?

Of course, Namaz is the main difference between a Muslim and a Kaafir, but to see what happens when we neglect other teachings and practice Namaz only, we should see the Saudi society. We cannot pray more punctually than Saudis. Their love for Namaz is to so much extent that they close the down the market 5 times a day. If someone does not close his shop, he is locked up as punishment. But, are they morally as good as their Namaz? Is the justice prevailing in their lives? Ask anyone who has lived in Saudi or in any other Arab country, you will get the answer. It is not Saudis or Arabs only, we too are guilty. We all made the pillars as our identity and went on erecting millions of pillars.

Everywhere there are pillars. Pillars and pillars, only pillars until the end of the sight. Don’t you know what happens with the plot where you have erected the pillars but left the building unmade? Either the people throw garbage on that plot or the land grabbers like …. Leave it, I will not name them but you know very well, they occupy the plot.

Quran teachings Beyond the 5 Pillars of Islam

We never took it seriously that constructing the building is far more important. In fact, we never planned to do it. If we ever had constructed the plan, we would have realized that the unity is the roof of this building, HI is the floor, earning Halaal constitutes the walls and the justice is like it’s doors and truthfulness is its light.

Unfortunately there is not any Jamaat or group who has got HI on its top agenda. That is the reason Allah has taken away the vision from our hearts and minds. As a result, Everyone, whether he is a scholar or an ordinary person, is carrying fatwas of Kufr in his pocket. Thanks to Hindus, Jews and Christians who call us a Muslim but our own Kalima reading brothers call other Muslims a Kafir, Mushrik or Biddati etc. Although everyone is praying 5 times and sticking to all 5 pillars, but can we imagine if we can ever construct a building over such pillars?

What is HI? See in Hazrat Omer’s saying: Once he addressed to the black stone (Hajr Aswad) and said “You are esteemed to me only because the Prophet SAWS had hugged you otherwise you are not more valuable to me than a Muslim’s heart”. And see our attitude now. We write the announcements on the doors of the mosque that this mosque is for such and such group only.

Beware kafir Beyond the 5 Pillars of Islam

No other Aqeeda’s person can enter in to this mosque. Nauzibillah. Is this not extremism? Doesn’t it lead to terrorism? Those who put such announcements deserve to be whipped in public. As a result of these religious quarrels, 95% of the inhabitants around those mosques have disappeared. Where have they gone? It is not that they are pagans or don’t like Islam. They are perfect Muslims but they don’t want to become a party to any faction or group.

The world is looking for men of justice, men of truthfulness, men of kindness. These men can be found only and only in Muslims but it is a pity that when we search such men in the Muslims, we find bearded Muslims, Namazi Muslims, Haji Muslims, topi wearing Muslims, Shia Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Barelwi or Deobandi or Salafi Muslims hundreds and thousands type of Muslims but where is a single true Muslim who Protects the HI?

All have forgotten the last sermon of the Prophet SAWS which he delivered on the occasion of his last Haj in Arafat. He had said “After today, The life, the dignity and the property of a Muslim is as holy as this place, this day of Haj and this month of Zilhajja.”

Islam Quote Beyond the 5 Pillars of Islam

Can anyone show a single evidence from Quran or Hadees that a Muslim is authorized to declare any other Muslim a Kafir? Does any Aalim or Mufti have authority to call anyone a Munafiq or Faasiq? No, never, you cannot find a single example in the Islamic teachings. No one is allowed at all to call anyone a Munafiq or Kafir or Mushrik.

Those who do so, are most misguided people who spread doubts and hatred against other Muslim brothers. They are the real enemies of Islam. They are the ones who are defaming Islam. As a Muslim we cannot forecast who will die on Iman and who will do die on Kuft. It is only Allah who knows. If some Muslim is doing wrong, we have to persuade him. We have to call him towards Islam with humbleness and we have to pray.

But we are not allowed at all to call anyone a Kafir or Mushrik. Otherwise … you can see the result. We are divided in to hundreds and thousands of groups. Each group calls himself on Haq and justifies to kill each other.
Now the question is : How can we establish HI?

The Madarsas

Since people’s main source of knowledge are the Ulema who come from Madarsas. Whatever they learn in Madarsa, they spread it thru khutbas, speeches or writings. In other words the Madarsa is the root of knowledge. Therefore, we will have to see the syllabus of Madarsas deeply. This syllabus is called “Darse Nizami”. Centuries have passed since it was made. The time when it was made, it was Muslim’s rule. The Qazis were the judges and the Muslim culture and the religion were dominant elsewhere.

Madarsa Beyond the 5 Pillars of Islam

The syllabus was made according to the need of that time’s contemporary issues. Now the time has changed completely. What Ulemas and Mufties are taught in the Madarsas today is not competent with the present day’s issues. For example, the Madarsas produce the Hafez like parrots who utters everything but does not understand anything. Since the Arab children don’t need any translation to understand Quran as Arabic is their mother tongue, the system of memorizing Quran is easy for them.

This system is good for Arabic students, not for non-Arabic students. Unless they understand the Quran in their mother tongue, they cannot benefit the humanity from Quran. No doubt, they will get the Sawaab of by-hearting Quran but what others will benefit from him? We must change the system completely and let them memorise with translation. Like الم ) ذلك الكتاب لا ريب فيه هدى للمتقين Alif laam meem. This is the book which has no doubt in it. It is guidance for those only who fear Allah.

Like this we have to let them memorize Quran. It may take longer to become Hafez by this way but let it be. We are not in hurry to produce the army of Huffaz. A Hafez who completes the Hifz in 5 years but understands the meanings is far better than a Hafiz who memorises the Quran within 2 or 3 years but does not understand the meaning of Quran.

The madarsas need to reduce the burden of the Fiqhi subjects which are outdated. Instead they must emphasise on the HI. HI includes personality development, character building, dealings with other human beings, rights of others, social and moral values of Islam etc. One of the most important subject of the Seera is the counseling but unfortunately this subject is missing from the syllabus.

Zakat Beyond the 5 Pillars of Islam

If you read the Seerah you will find the Prophet SAWS doing counseling all the time. Several wives, husbands, parents and many others used to come and complain, the Prophet SAWS used to counsel them. This subject should have been included in the Madarsa in the first place to stop people from taking their cases to the police or court. Since our Ulemas are not worthy of counseling, The goons, Police and lawyers are eating away hard earned money of people and courts are wasting years to give judgements. Thousands of homes are destroyed.

Zakat system of Islam can solve the most burning issue of the present world i.e Poverty. This subject has never been taken seriously. It involves Economics and Commerce. What is Baitul Maal? It is the first ever Bank and Life insurance charter. But unfortunately this subject too is out of our syllabus at Madarsa. We are taught that bank is Haraam life insurance is Haraam but in 1400 years no one gave an alternative. As a result, we are standing in the ques of the banks like beggars.

Hundreds of people die untimely in accidents or due to many other reasons. The dependants of the deceased person have no other way to survive except begging for zakat, charity and alms. Why? Because our scholars have declared life insurance too Haraam without giving any alternative except begging.

Muslim Prayer Beyond the 5 Pillars of Islam

The present day’s Environmental sciences is based upon only one Hadees that الطہور شطر الایمان’’ cleanliness is half of Iman. A Muslim is supposed to be the cleanest person. His house, his toilet, his locality should be an example of cleanliness. But this thing has never been taught with so much intensity like 5 pillars. As a result, People go to mosques crossing the heaps of filthy garbage and suffocating sewage lakes flowing on the roads. Even the toilets en route to Makkah and Madina are so dirty that no one can enter due to the smell. The subject of cleanliness is not related to body only, but it covers the whole atmosphere. This subject should become a part of syllabus to boost the image of the Muslims.

Our madarsas lack the subject of Dawat. The Dawat is like marketing. No product in the world can dominate the market unless the marketing is not done well. In the same way, no religion, no movement or no ideology can get acceptability unless the Dawat is not planned well. As a result of not including this subject in the Madarsa, our Ulema and Mufti have become like a stagnant water. They are satisfied that people in the old city come to listen to their sermons but they do not realize that 95% of the modern generation has gone too far, in fact, out of reach. To bring them back to Islam, the madarsas must change themselves.

The madarsa people often complain that the people do not pay enough donations. The kind of students who take admissions in Madarsas come from poorest families or handicapped. This complain has no weight. If the product is good, people pay double price. The kind of product coming from Madarsa does not worth investment on them.

The video depicts Azan call for prayer

Therefore people do not respect Madarsas neither they give proper donations. Even if some people pay, they pay with the intention of charity and alms, not with the intention of promoting Islamic education.
60% of the present syllabus of Aalim and Mufti courses is outdated. Philosphy and logic’s subject which is taught in the Madarsas belong to centuries old philosophers but does not include any contemporary philosophers like Allam Iqbal.

Another subject which is taught at Madarsa about the principles of Tafseer called USOOL ATTAFSEER. This subject makes the students believe only those Tafseers are correct which are written by the scholars of their school of thought. All tafseers written by others are doubtful. Again, this preads doubt and clashes in the people as you can see. There are many groups and each groups declares the Tafseer of other group wrong.

The education system of the Madarsas must be overhauled completely. Then only we will get those Ulema who will be champions in HI. We must say good bye to the old conservatives methods as well as books. Instead of thinking what the old books say about the contemporary issues, we should think what the old writers would say today if they were alive today. Otherwise we will go on prohibiting everything new and throw the Ummat centuries back as we had been doing for centuries. When the printing machine was invented in 17th century, our scholars said it is haraam to print the Quran on the machine. When Turkey invented the first ship, their scholars said any transportation by the vapours is haraam. In the same way our scholars had declared university, English education, women’s education, loudspeaker, seeing clock for namaz timings, TV and internet all Haraam. Why because there is no process of research in our Madarsas. What research means to them is to read 3 books and write the 4th one is called tahqeeq or research. Allama Iqbal had rightly said.
شیر مردوں سے ہوا پیشۂِ تحقیق تہی رہ گئے صوفی و ملا کے غلام ائے ساقی

We say we already have got the charter of UN, Human rights and Women’s rights etc 1400 years ago. Then where were the scholars sleeping, why dint they present these charters with the same strength as they presented the issues of Fatiha, Meelad, Wahabi, Deobandi, beards, Tasawwuf, Fiqh etc. Why not a single Muslim country adapted these charters in its own territory? Is there any single Muslim country today where Human Rights or Women’s Rights are protected?

Our children should be taught HI extensively. The one hour madarsas of morning or evening should be revived either in the mosques or houses. Otherwise, you can see how fast the new generation is getting out of control morally. The girls are more perverted than boys but people do not realize it.
Those groups who are already doing Dawat work, particularly in non-Muslims must revise their methodology too. The biggest mistake they do is that if someone gets closer to Islam, they give him such homework in the beginning which is not practical for even born Muslims.

As soon as someone gets impressed by Islam and wants to become Muslims and asks what he has to do, the Dayees must tell him that HI is the first and foremost obligation on him. Tell him what our Prophet had said “A Muslim can be anything but not a liar”, Tell them A Muslim cannot be a Haraam eater otherwise his prayers will not lifted a foot above the ground, therefore every Muslim must avoid every illegitimate way of earning like bribery, interest, Dowry, Dinners from the bride’s side, land grabbing, cheating in weighing, hoarding etc. Priority-wise, HI is on the top in Dawat. Namaz, beards, Khatna (Circumcision) are on the 2nd stage. If we reverse the priority Islam will never win the hearts.

We must present the dawat in the same way as done first time by the Muslims in the courts of King of Habasha and Rome. The Muslims said “we used to tell lies, we used to bury the daughters alive, we used to be tyrants upon poor but the Prophet Mohammed came and showed the way of humanity, taught us about Allah and the day of judgement”. In the same way, if we take this Dawat of HI to reform the society, it will be far more effective than sticking to the 5 pillars.

Remember, the 5 pillars are useless without the building. And the building is useless without the 5 pillars. Both are inevitable for each other. We have spread the knowledge of 5 pillars enough. Now it is a time to work hard on HI. May Allah give us sense to distinguish between the most essential acts of Islam.

By Aleem Khan Falki

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