Bhindrawale who was born on Feb 2 belonged to the age when 1984 riots befell upon the country.Ergo,he turned into a killer and Kejriwal celebrates his b’day

What will these politicians not stoop to?

Thanks to the forthcoming elections in Punjab. We now know that Bhindrawale was born on February 12.

This is a poster that shows the Aam Aadmi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal asking  the people to celebrate his birthday on February 12.

Who brought out the poster will be found later but it has given the Congress leader Captain Amrinder Singh and state BJP President Kamal Sharma enough ammunition to fire at Kejriwal who has become their common enemy ever since he removed them from the map of Delhi by bagging 67 seats in the assembly.

The Akalis are strategically quiet on this issue but their sympathies for the dreaded leader are quite well known to the nation and also to their alliance partner the BJP.

Those who were born after 1984 would not understand the kind of fear Bhindrawale had stuck among the people of Punjab during the period that saw the worst period of Sikh extremism finally culminating in the assassination of late Prime Minister Indira  Gandhi.

bhindranwale Bhindrawale Was  Born On February 12,So?

It needed someone with guts to order the army to flush out terrorists led by Bhindrawale in the Golden Temple who were collecting arms  and indulging in all kinds of anti national activities.

One of the most popular jokes circulating about Bhindrawale was that someone went to meet him saying that he wanted to do something for the Panth.

Bhindrawale had kept two huge earthen pots in his room.

He asked this man to take out a slip from one of those pots. When he did, it carried the name of a policeman. He asked him to kill the policeman.But when the man said he could not do that, Bhindrawale asked him to write his name and put it in the other pot and leave.

It is true that Bhindrawale was a Frankenstein created by the Congress itself to settle political score with its rivals but it had grown out of its shell and become a monster.

Someone had to take a decision to tame him and it could only be Indira Gandhi who put her own life in danger to save the country.

Five months after his killing. Indira Gandhi was assassinated in her own house by two of her one body guards who were supporters of the Khalsa Panth.

In the run up to the elections in Punjab people are being asked to celebrate the birthday of Bhindrawale. One can expect anything from the AAP which is a party without any ideology or even basic membership to know the background of its members.

bhindranwales birthday Bhindrawale Was  Born On February 12,So?

One of its founding members Prashant Bhushan was even beaten up in his chambers in the Supreme Court when he talked of a plebiscite in Kashmir.

But one expects the BJP to be more careful with what it says and does, being a responsible political party which had once hailed Indira Gandhi as Durga after the 1971 war where she  broke up with Pakistan to create Bangladesh. They should dissociate themselves from the Akalis unless they clarify whether they consider people like Bhindrawale killers or martyrs.

This tough stand should help them in the long run rather than playing petty politics for a short run.

By Amitabh Srivastava

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