Check everything about Bigg Boss 10 – Watch the promo, know the latest news and also know some insider scoop!

The promo of Bigg Boss 10 is here and you simply cannot miss watching it. Yes, it is as dhaamakedaar as promised.

The First Promo of Bigg Boss 10 Is Out

The first promo of Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10 which has just made to the web is increasing our excitement level. As mentioned in one of our earlier articles on Bigg Boss 10, the promo unveils that Bigg Boss in its upcoming season will also have commoners.

The promo features a young aspiring cricketer arguing with the umpire over a shot. Next, he starts abusing and that’s precisely when the Bigg Boss’ logo breaks open in the sky, unveiling the participation procedure.

Yes, the abusive young batsman gets a call to participate in the controversial reality show which is an alert call to all the BB fans that the auditions for season 10 have finally begun where even the viewers can be a part of the show. In short, if you are abusive and love being in the limelight always and can abuse really well, you’re fit for the upcoming reality show.

Promo Review

Now this is quite an interesting promo, isn’t it? That makes us happy after all we have been longing for this tenth season from long where both celebs and common men could participate. Besides, what makes this season even better is the fact that Bigg Boss 10 will be air(ed) much earlier if compared to the previous BB seasons. We all know how Colors channel books the year end slot for Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss 10 Bigg Boss 10 : Promo, Details, News And Preview

Colors’ Bigg Boss has always attracted high TRPs and has some loyal viewership, all thanks to its high-voltage drama, controversial catfights and raunchy hot romances in the house. Now that we have commoners coming on the show, just imagine how exciting the season 10 will be. Will he/she be bullied by the celebs or will it be a smooth ride – The more the questions come in our mind, the more the excitement runs in our veins!

Salman Khan Will Be The Host of Bigg Boss Season 10

We all know that Salman Khan is the face of Bigg Boss. Fans and participants associate the show with him. some of the participant enter the show only for him. No wonder, you get to know Bhai and there are chances to get into his circle etc.

salman bigg boss Bigg Boss 10 : Promo, Details, News And Preview


However, now that the superstar wasn’t seen anywhere in the very first promo, does that mean the actor is not returning as the host of Bigg Boss 10? Or is the channel planning to release another promo featuring Salman? Well, you need.not worry about Salman’s presence.

The reason being, Colors’ CEO Raj Nayak as usual has talked about the promo on his Twitter. The good part is that he has even tagged Salman Khan and the star retweeted too. This ensures that the megastar will be back this season too as a host. We cant wait to see him yet again on TV screens, are we?

However, according to some source, the upcoming season will have an all new twist, not just in terms of the concept of having common people as contestants but even with the hosting and the tasks on the show. That makes us yearn for a promo featuring Salman Khan as soon as possible!

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Image Source: Colors

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