The recent Bigg Boss episode has been one of the most fiery ones this season.

The recent Bigg Boss episode has been one of the most fiery ones this season. The cat fight that Tanisha and Khushal got into has surely sent the ratings soaring – which is great for the show but at the same time has evoked a strong response from many viewers. IndiaOpines reader K.K. Baid  has a thing or two to say about the behavior of the participants – It is clear that participants are loyal to their particular camps with each camp  having its “leader”. So Khushal puts garbage (of all things) and shaving foam inside the box in which Tanisha is sitting – a task she was assigned by Big Boss. Not suprisingly on finding the garbage and other unpleasant things in the box  Tanisha becomes furious and when she comes out of the box she pushes Kushal repeatedly. As a viewer I was shocked that the show would allow Khusal or any participant to use garbage even as a prank – this is seriously juvenile, outreageous and really quite inhuman.

Tanisha cannot be judged for her reaction because Khushal actions were totally intolerable for anyone and very unexpected. Soon after Tanisha’s outburst we notice that members start taking sides. Khushal being the perpetrator and perhaps not expecting a strong reaction from Tanisha starts to defend himslef. Saying that Tanisha “put hands on my chest” – This kind of a statement is lewed, derogatory and should not be condoned. This reveals Khushals negative attitude towards women and frankly a person of this nature should be kept away from any “gathering of human beings”

Khushals friend in  the Big Boss pen Pratyusha pipes in and calls Tanisha a ‘night club girl” – directly attacking Tanishas character. Both Pratyusha and Khushal are attacking Tanishas honour, character and references to being a person of questionable morals. And lastly Khushal telling her that she is frustrated or insecure because she is a bad actress and has not been able to live upto the succes of her elder sister Kajol is hitting her below the belt.

The mud slingging in this episode has been shocking and most importantly the viscous attack on Tanisha by calling her derogatory names, questioning her character and making unfair comparison with her sister Kajol is dirty politics and as a viewer I am outraged.

This blatant insensitivity towards Tanisha is another example of the deplorable attitude of Indian society towards women – for example many people believe that women get attacked because of they are dressed inappropriately.

Khushal and his ilk should be careful – and a clear message to Big Boss – Once he jumped over the house walls, Khushal should have stayedoutside – there was no reason to bring back this chauvinistic pig into your pen.

By K.K. Baid

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