Ankit Gera gives clues that he’ll back as a Wild Card Entrant in Bigg Boss 9 – Will he? Know the complete story….

While we expected Ankit Gera to create lot of drama in the Bigg Boss 9 house since his ex Roopal Tyagi continuously bitched about him, we got a shock the moment there was a buzz that Ankit Gera has been evicted in the very first week. It not just surprised us but also the actor himself who didn’t expect to move out of the house so soon.

In an interview Ankit Gera was heard saying, “I was surprised when my name was announced for the eviction. The experience inside the Bigg Boss house was awesome. But I still had no idea about what went wrong inside the house. But yes, the journey has not ended yet.”

This Make us wonder –

Whether Ankit Gera will be back in Bigg Boss 9 as a Wild Card Entrant?

In the interview Ankit mentioned how he has the contract till January 2015 and how there are high chances of him to be a wild card entry. While, Ankit looks hopeful we too wish the same because his early exit has put an end to various things on the show including some masala between him and his ex Roopal Tyagi who was trying her best to gain sympathy by showing Ankit as a devil.

Ankit Gera Evicted from Bigg Boss 9 House Bigg Boss 9: Will Ankit Gera Be Back as a Wild Card Entrant?

Ankit Wants to Show His Best Side to the Audience

Although people were excited to see a lot of drama between him and Roopal, Ankit cleared the air stating his aim was not to create drama but to show his best side to the people. He was keen to show his real side however he was kicked too early. This is the reason he couldn’t show what kind of a person he is. He thinks people are judging him based on Roopal’s description.

ankit gera roopal tyagi Bigg Boss 9: Will Ankit Gera Be Back as a Wild Card Entrant?

Ankit Thinks perhaps he Was Too Good to be in Bigg Boss

Right from sacrificing his luggage to adjusting himself with Arvind Vegda, Ankit did all good things (according to Ankit). He also did not complain about the snoring habits of Arvind. What’s more, he was even seen sleeping with Arvind in the living area so that other contestants could sleep properly. However, it seems nobody saw his good behavior.

salman khan ankit arvind bigg boss Bigg Boss 9: Will Ankit Gera Be Back as a Wild Card Entrant?

So Ankit is of the opinion that, perhaps to be in Bigg Boss one has to be bad, controversial or create certain whims that ensures your stay in the house. This is the reason why Ankit wants to come into the house back. Yes, he repents being so good on the show and if he returns he won’t be that good repeating the same mistake again.

Regarding his journey in Bigg Boss 9 house Ankit says, “I was fortunate to get a partner like Arvindji who took care of me like a younger brother. I feel we made a great pair and I am going to miss him a lot.

Ankit Gera is confident that he’ll be called up again as a wild card entry. What do you think will he get a second chance. Also, do you want to see him again?


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