Know why fans feel that Bigg Boss 9 is quite boring when compared to other seasons…

Bigg Boss always excited us in more than one ways. Controversies, fights, gossips and love affairs made us stay glued to our TV screens daily. However, it is not the same with this year’s Colors TV Bigg Boss 9. Yes, nothing in the season is keeping us entertained except for the host of the show Salman Khan.

Here are the reasons why Bigg Boss 9 is a big bore:

Almost All the Contestants Seem to Be Fake

None of the contestants are trying to be themselves. Being oneself is what brings actual entertainment in the show. However, all the members of the house simply seem to be faking everything. Unfortunately, all the contestants seem to be planning for the end destination, and in the process they are actually missing the fun in the journey.

kishwer merchant bigg boss 5 Reasons Why We Think Bigg Boss 9 is Quite Boring!

There is no Competitive or Sporting Spirit in the Contestants

In the previous episodes we came across contestants who could do anything to complete a task then whether it was going bald or doing the impossible in the tasks. However, here nobody is that enthusiastic. Contestants simply waste opportunities.

Rimmi Sen Bigg Boss 5 Reasons Why We Think Bigg Boss 9 is Quite Boring!


For instance, Rimi Sen didn’t even shave her hand nor was eager to ink a Bigg Boss Tattoo on her arms. Had it been earlier seasons especially 6, 7 and 8, we know how the contestants who have accomplished the task successfully. However, here most of the contestants wants just to enjoy the comfort of the house.

Bigg Boss 9 Contestants Simply Lack the Passion and the Zest to Perform

If you have been watching Bigg Boss 9 very keenly you’ll realize that ‘passion’ is something that the contestants lack big time. In the earlier seasons, almost all the contestants were seeing putting their heart and souls in each task and would try to give their best performance.

Kishwer Merchant backstabs Aman Verma on Bigg Boss 9 5 Reasons Why We Think Bigg Boss 9 is Quite Boring!


However, this seasons not even a single participant looks like taking the reality game show on a serious note. Forget trying for the extreme the contestants are not even pushing themselves or getting out of their comfort zones.

Bigg Boss This Year Lacks Drama Too!

Remember how Ali Quli Mirza tried to do a Kushal Tandon by trying to flee the house in the previous season? Then we had Sonali slapping Ali hard for his inappropriate remarks. Further, who can forget the back biting, bitching and fights in the house that entertained the viewers, keeping them glued from 9 to 10 pm on Colors.

bigg boss halla bol contestant ali 5 Reasons Why We Think Bigg Boss 9 is Quite Boring!


No wonder, even the fans fought amongst each other on social media and supported their own members. Fans of Gautam Gulati still hate Karisha Tanna so much that they were the happiest people in India when Tanna lost Nach Baliye season 7 along with her beau Upen Patel. Now isn’t that too much? Well, that’s precisely missing in Bigg Boss 9,that ‘too much’ factor.

Love, S*x Aur Dhoka

Bigg Boss is a great platform for link ups and breakups. Though we had an ex couple (Roopal Tyagi and Ankit Gera) in the house nothing really transpired between them and they were the first to exit the show. Even the couple in the house  aren’t involved much and there is no possible chance of any linkups so the show is actually lacking lot of masala. Remember Tanisha – Armaan? Gauhar – Kushal? Karishma – Upen? Ashmit Patel – Vina Malik?

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Image Source: Snapshot from Colors TV

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