Bigg Boss 9 Finale: Will it be Prince? Mandana? Rishabh? Keith? or Rochelle – Who Do You Think Will Win?

Bigg Boss 9 that started with 14 odd contestants is finally coming to an end now. It is in the final week with only 5 contestants remaining – Prince Narula, Mandana Karimi, Rishabh Sinha, Rochelle Rao and Keith Sequeira.

This weekend, the super host Salman Khan along with his ex-flame Katrina Kaif (who will be on the show for promoting Fitoor) will finally announce the winner of Bigg Boss Double Trouble from the 5 finalists. Undoubtedly, the finale will be interesting as the winner will be decided only upon the number of votes that the TV viewers give them.

bigg boss 9 finale Bigg Boss 9 Finale: Prince? Mandana? Rishabh? Who Do You Think Will Win?

Let’s see the potential of each finalist one by one –

Prince Narula

Kishwer Merchant quit the task of ‘Ticket to Finale’ only because she knew that Prince Narula has a lot of fan following and he has a better chance than her if he enters finale. No wonder, he has a record of winning two reality shows already – MTV Roadies and Splitsvilla. And if he wins Bigg Boss Nau then he will not only continue his winning legacy but will also make a hattrick and history.

biggboss prince narula Bigg Boss 9 Finale: Prince? Mandana? Rishabh? Who Do You Think Will Win?
Prince Narula is often compared to BB8 winner, Gautam Gulati wrt his attitude. However, his nemesis Rishabh Sinha is turning out to be a major threat day by day. Will Prince Narula be able to beat Rishabh? Well, only time will tell.

Mandana Karimi

We didn’t except Mandana Karimi anything more than an eye candy. However, she surprised everyone with her strength and strategy. She was more than an eye candy and a solid challenger at all the stages despite the fact that she hardly speaks Hindi.

mandana karimi hot Bigg Boss 9 Finale: Prince? Mandana? Rishabh? Who Do You Think Will Win?

She was also surrounded with lot of controversies that host Salman Khan and Colors CEO Raj Nayak favors her. After the finale, we will surely know whether they are favoring her or not. However, Mandana is going to fight till the end otherwise why would she compromise her stint in Bigg Boss with Ekta Kapoor’s wrath. Well, once out of the house Ekta’s legal notice is awaiting her glance. Her decision to stay in the house right till the end without worrying much about promoting her film makes us wonder whether the girl is Bigg Boss 9 winner?

Rishabh Sinha

Rishabh Sinha entered this season when the viewers had already become bored of Bigg Boss. He not only added spark in the show but was also capable in bringing out the fights and controversies. He was indeed a great player this season. With no fake strategies and no fake relationship, he is the only wild card entry who is giving the finalist a tough competition. Will Mandana and Prince outbeat him? Let’s wait till the weekend.

rishabh sinha bigg boss 9 wildcard entry Bigg Boss 9 Finale: Prince? Mandana? Rishabh? Who Do You Think Will Win?

Rochelle Maria Rao

We are not sure whether the former Miss India deserved to be one of the finalist as her world revolved only around her bf cum co-inmate Keith Sequeira. Nevertheless, her strategy was running around Keith. Though she tried to break the norm when Keith was away from the show, she was back in the same avatar once Keith returned. Though her fans find it cute, we the viewers cannot stand it as it is quite ‘irritating’. And this is the reason why she’ll not get enough votes. Let’s see who far she can scale this weekend.

Keith Rochelle in Bigg Boss 9 Bigg Boss 9 Finale: Prince? Mandana? Rishabh? Who Do You Think Will Win?

Keith Sequeira

The only person I liked and supported in the start was Keith – a calm and composed guy who remains the same till today. However, in a game like Bigg Boss being good and nice doesn’t help. Besides, it is not at all okay for spending time with your loved ones in the show all the time. Let’s see whether he will get votes for ‘Being Nice’ on Bigg Boss.

keith rochelle mandana Bigg Boss 9 Finale: Prince? Mandana? Rishabh? Who Do You Think Will Win?
Who do you think will lift the Bigg Boss 9 trophy this year by getting the maximum votes. Also, mention who is the deserving candidate. Well, with only few days to weekend it’s time to pick your favorites and vote them crazily.

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