Kishwer Merchant is one of the contestants in Bigg Boss 9 who is not liked at all. Here are the reasons why viewers & inmates hated her as a captain

Kishwer Merchant is one of the most hated contestants this year not just in the Bigg Boss 9 house but also amongst the viewers and the fans. Frankly, apart from her and Suyyash’s fans nobody likes her. It wasn’t this way in the start as we all remembered her as a lovey dovey girl from Hip Hip Hurray (though she has done many serials after that) but things changed drastically when we saw her rude behavior in the house.

Interestingly, neither the contestants in the house nor the TV viewers seem to be happy by Kishwer’s captaincy. Here are the reasons why:

Kishwer Merchant is Very Dominating

Kishwer said Aman is dominating but the fact is she is very dominating. From day 1 she is ruling and controlling the house. During one of the tasks she kept on shouting at Rochelle. Also, the way she was telling everybody that Mandana is pretending her sickness was downright wrong and highly disgusting. “Jutta nikal ke marungi agar dobara bimari ka natak kia” – This is what she said to Mandana after she fell sick in the house.

kishwer merchant bigg boss Bigg Boss 9: Reasons Why We Think Kishwer Merchant is a Bad Captain!

She is Loud Mouth and Very Irritating

She is so aggressive that often she ends up bad mouthing and fighting with other people in the house. She has nothing good to say about other people except her bf Suyyash. She keeps on targeting other people. First it was Aman, next Mandana and now Rochelle. She is quiet violent and this is the reason why people think she cannot be a good captain as Kishwer can only run her mouth and nothing else.

kisher aman bb9 Bigg Boss 9: Reasons Why We Think Kishwer Merchant is a Bad Captain!

She Has a Superiority Complex

Have you ever noticed the conversations of Kishwer Merchant and Suyyash Rai? Well the couple only has negative comments and ill things to talk about others. Each of their conversation gives us a feeling that the couple thinks they are quite superior than the other inmates in the house. Now isn’t this their galatfami?

Kishwer Merchant backstabs Aman Verma on Bigg Boss 9 Bigg Boss 9: Reasons Why We Think Kishwer Merchant is a Bad Captain!

She is into Groupism

A good captain never goes into groupism. However, Kishwer is only into that. Being a gamer she is trying to play a game in the house and now that she can’t play it all alone she is making her group. So along with her bf Suyyash, she is teaming up with his partner Prince Narula and also Yuvika and Vikas Bhalla.

suyyash rai kishwer merchant Bigg Boss 9: Reasons Why We Think Kishwer Merchant is a Bad Captain!

To Be a Good Captain, One has to be a Good Leader

Kishwer Merchant is trying to follow the steps of Ali Quli Mirza as Salman Khan, the host of Bigg Boss 9 mentioned that he was the best captain in the house. However, Kishwer is forgetting that Ali was also a nice human being and took great care of the house and the inmates as a captain. Kishwer fails to understand that to be a good captain, one has to be a good leader and to be a good leader, one has to be a good human being.

kishwer merchant bb9 Bigg Boss 9: Reasons Why We Think Kishwer Merchant is a Bad Captain!

Besides, she is irritating, annoying and quite self-centered in the house always arguing with everybody around.

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