Know why the viewers feel that Prince Narula and Wild card entrant Nora Fatehi’s romance is fake in Bigg Boss 9

Ever since Nora Fatehi entered Bigg Boss 9, the girl is making some noise. Interestingly, she gave the season something that was missing throughout – Yes, a thrilling new love story with none other than the Splitsvilla hottie – Prince Narula!

While, some people do think there is a potential of a blooming romance between these two hotties, many believe it is simply fake. Here we share why:

prince narula nora fatehi Bigg Boss 9 : Prince Narula and Nora Fatehi’s Love Story is Fake!

Prince Admitted His Feelings for Yuvika in the Start

To get some major limelight in Bigg Boss, we all know linkups and a budding romance between two inmates work really good. However, we didn’t get to see anything until Prince Narula admitted his feelings for Yuvika Chaudhury. We thought it could turn into yet another Upen and Karishma tale but unfortunately Yuvika was convicted from the show, and Prince had to bid her adieu tearfully.

yuvika prince love story Bigg Boss 9 : Prince Narula and Nora Fatehi’s Love Story is Fake!

Now Prince Narula Is Showering his Love to Nora

Post Yuvika’s eviction, Prince is not gloomy, but once again in love. Yes, this time with the new lady in the house – Nora Fatehi. Interestingly, even the actress seems to be interested in him. In fact, she was the one who expressed her desire of showering her love on Rishab and Prince before she entered the show.  Prince knew this and so he started flirting with Nora because he knew she’ll respond well. Credits to the linkup, even Nora got the ‘limelight’ – something that was in her mind before she made her entry in the house.

prince narula nora fatehi love story Bigg Boss 9 : Prince Narula and Nora Fatehi’s Love Story is Fake!

The Love Story is Just a Strategy for both Nora and Prince Narula

We saw Rochelle and Suyyash Rai discussing how this love story can be Prince’s strategy to move ahead in the game. While, they are just thinking, the viewers are confirmed that it is indeed fake. If you look closely, both Prince and Nora seem to be acting. Good thing is that both of them are faking unlike in Yuvika’s case when she thought Prince is being genuine when he proposed her.

nora fatehi hot pics Bigg Boss 9 : Prince Narula and Nora Fatehi’s Love Story is Fake!

Yuvika on National Television Stated that Prince Had Genuine Feelings for her and that It Wasn’t a Publicity Stunt –

“I felt he was genuine, he also said I was real. He looked very upset while I was leaving the house. He could not even muster the courage to come and hug me. He was looking at me from far. Had he been acting, he would have easily come to meet me one last time, thinking now she is going and it is okay.”

Sadly, Yuvika was wrong because Prince is busy romancing Nora Fatehi

Prince Even Expressed His Desire to Take Nora Out for a Dinner Date

When Bigg Boss approved Prince’s wish for a dinner date with Nora, the couple’s action and behavior proved it all. They not only sizzled together on Dheere Dheere song, but Prince even kissed Nora and hugged her tightly. Both the contestants got what they wanted – Another partner to fake a love story so that they could be this year’s fake couple. No wonder, we have seen fake couple’s get to stay more time in the house because of the entertainment they provide in the house.

bigg boss9 prince nora colors Bigg Boss 9 : Prince Narula and Nora Fatehi’s Love Story is Fake!

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