Did you know Rishabh Sinha has a controversial past? His fight with Digangana Suryavanshi? and why he was thrown out of Qubool Hai? Know his past story

Rishabh Sinha is the new wild card entry in the Bigg Boss 9 house. While, most of the times wild card entries are a bit timid and take time to adjust in the new vicinity, Rishabh seems to be killing them all with his own strategy. Hmm, looks like he has been preparing for his stint in the house from long. No wonder, he is an ardent fan of Bigg Boss 9 and have been watching all the seasons keenly.

Who is This Rishabh Sinha?

Well, Rishabh Sinha is an ex Splistvilla contestant. He participated in season 5 along with Aly Abbas Gori popularly known as Romi Bhalla of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Now that he has a past experience in the reality show we do expect him to be tactical. Interestingly, he participated in Splitsvilla to grab some attention.

rishabh sinha bigg boss 9 wildcard contestant Bigg Boss 9: Know Why Rishabh Sinha is the Perfect Contestant This Season!


Rishabh is from Gurgaon and is a young lad with lot of controversies. No wonder, these controversies make him the perfect contestant this season. Let us know about his controversial past point by point.

He was Chose to play the Role of Ayaan in Qubool Hai, But Thrown Out for Unprofessional Conduct

Before Vikrant Massey, Rishabh Sinha was playing the role of Ayaan in Qubool Hai. However, soon he was sacked from the show because he took up another offer despite having a contract with the channel (Zee TV). Rishabh was not only shown the door but was also slapped with a legal notice. Interestingly, Rishabh also misbehaved with the producers of the show and the channel officials.

rishabh sinha bigg boss 9 Bigg Boss 9: Know Why Rishabh Sinha is the Perfect Contestant This Season!

Before joining Qubool Hai, Rishabh was just a debutant and the moment his character started getting popular he started throwing tantrums. Now don’t you think so such real life controversial personalities make Bigg Boss all the more interesting and entertaining?

He Has an Old Tiff with Digangana Suryavanshi

Well, Digangana essayed the role of Rishabh’s reel life sister Nuzzhat Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai. During shooting, Digangana and Rishabh got into a fight. Next, Digangana’s parents complained to the police and the police came on the sets to intervene. Because of the entire issue, Digangana was thrown out of Qubool Hai. Now that he already has a ugly past with Digangana, don’t you think his entry will create enough masala in the house?

rishabh sinha bigg boss 9 wildcard entry Bigg Boss 9: Know Why Rishabh Sinha is the Perfect Contestant This Season!

He Humiliated Kishwer and Made Suyyash Cry

While, everybody seems to be bitching about Kishwer Merchant, Rishabh Sinha actually humiliated her in the house. In the hotel task where Rishabh was in Team Guest, he decided to play a game with Suyyash and Kishwer where the former had to act like a dog and respond to the name Oscar, the later had to answer to the name Snooky. Suyyash did his task well and so did Kishwer. However, seeing Kishwer humiliated Suyyash couldn’t control his tears. Rochelle Rao too felt that the task was humiliating.

kishwer merchant bb9 Bigg Boss 9: Know Why Rishabh Sinha is the Perfect Contestant This Season!

Well, we hear that Kishwer and Rishabh Sinha already know each other and dislike each other. Now that again make things interesting – don’t you think so?

Rishabh Is Just too Confident (Or should I say Over Confident)

Before entering the house he said,

“I have been an ardent viewer of Bigg Boss and have closely followed it every season. I will be entering the house to give the contestants a reality check and shake them up to be back in the game. I am very excited to enter the house and will make sure that the contestants will now get the real taste of double trouble.”

Now if this is what he is thinking then we are sure he has some villainous intentions.

rishabh sinha bigg boss 9 contestant Bigg Boss 9: Know Why Rishabh Sinha is the Perfect Contestant This Season!

Controversial, brash, narcissistic, and a little abusive – Rishabh Sinha really makes a perfect BB9 contestant. The guy is sure to stir up controversies soon – What do you think?

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