Yes, you too can enter the lavish Bigg Boss house this season – Find out how!

In all the earlier seasons of Bigg Boss, fans and viewers had no role in the reality TV show except to watch the show from the comfort of their living rooms. However, Bigg Boss season 9 is very different. The reason being, you too can participate in the show along with the celebrities.

salman khan bigg boss You Too Can Participate in Bigg Boss Season 9!

Colors TV Invites Common Man to Participate in Bigg Boss Season 9

The casting of Bigg Boss 9 is on and Colors TV is not just looking for the celebs to participate but even the fans and viewers. In a tweet Raj Nayak explained how anybody can get lucky to enter the house if they give a list of 9 celebs who they think are the best participants to contest amongst themselves in this season.

bigg boss salman khan red You Too Can Participate in Bigg Boss Season 9!

According to him the more the names of the list matches their final list, the more will be the chance to enter the House and be a part of the show along with other celebs. Here’s what Salman Khan too tweeted after Raj Nayak made an announcement on Twitter.

Looks like this year’s Double Trouble theme will all the more happening now that even fans and viewers are allowed to enter. Keep sending the list you never know you can be the lucky winner which Colors finalize to enter the house.

Bigg Boss Double Trouble

The new promo of Bigg Boss Double Trouble is out and looks like the participants will have a tough time as two people have to manage together all the time. In such a situation, it would be interesting to see what will be the elimination process and how will the contestants go out – Will it be only one elimination or will it be two, that’s what we are wondering.

The lucky winner who will enter the House will surely be a star among the celebrities. You never know if he/she enjoys the most.

Bigg Boss Will Start from Sunday, 11th October

The channel has released the dates and the first episode will air on Sunday, 11th October. The regular episodes will be shown from Monday to Friday at 10.30 pm. If you are lucky you’ll get to visit the lavish house.

What are you waiting for?  Get ready, share the list and tweet it directly to Colors CEO – You can be one among the lucky winners this year to be among the celebs.

Some of the already finalized contestants are – Arshi Khan, Roopal Tyagi, Ranbir Kapoor’s cousin, Mayur Verma, Sunil Grover and Himmanshoo Malhotra’s brother. Unfortunately, Mia Khalifa will not be seen participating in Bigg Boss season 9 🙁

mia khalifa pics You Too Can Participate in Bigg Boss Season 9!

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