What about a parody of Rajkumar’s 3 idiots with Rancho, Raju and Farhan as Nitish Kumar, Lalu Yadav and Rahul Gandhi respectively. And Modi as Chatur?

Just Watched a film. Quite diplomatic 🙂 Highly eventful. I know you are interested but I am not gonna narrate the whole story. I am exhausted, you know. Okay, the cast goes like this.
Starring: Nitish as Rancho (he was confident right from the beginning), Lalu as Raju (was tense only because of his offsprings in the Frey) and Rahul as Farhaan (had nothing to lose but became Abdullah in Baigane ki Shaadi), collectively 3 Idiots.
3 idiots Bihar Elections: The Clash With Idiots (Film)
Other fringe stars: Modi as Chatur (gave the crammed speeches only to be tainted by the voters)
modi as chatur Bihar Elections: The Clash With Idiots (Film)
Dialogue: Nityanand, Prachi, VK Singh, et al (to arouse the emotions),
Stunts: Shatrugan Sinha, RK Singh;
S(up)po(r)t boys: Anupam Kher and Madhur Bandarkar.Edited by Arvind Kejrival.Special Effects: Scientists, artists and writers who returned the awards (turning the recency effect in favor of 3Idiots).Acts which may turn you silent may follow. Not suitable for lachrymose kids like Arnab.

akhlaq killed Bihar Elections: The Clash With Idiots (Film)Warning: No cows were harmed during the whole act of elections, except for expecting them to produce votes instead of milk. Animals in the lynchers of Akhlaq, burners of Zahid, killers of two Dalit children were not also harmed (thanks to Indian tolerance).
By Aarif Qadir
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