Leaders of the SP and BSP Party instead of engaging in a war of words should now replicate the Bihar experiment in UP

The people of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh may speak a similar language (almost), they may both be dubbed as Bhaiyas in Maharashtra and Delhi but their leaders speak a different language. 

After joining hands with his arch-rival Nitish Kumar former Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav made an appeal to Mulayam Singh and Mayawati join hands to save the country from communal forces in UP. After the drubbing both these parties received at the hands of the BJP in the recent Lok Sabha elections this coming together should have been common sense.

Mulayam Mayawati up bihar Why the Bihar Experiment Needs to be Replicated in UP!

But instead of seeing the writing on the wall, leaders of the SP and BSP Party are engaged in a war of words. Chances of their coming together as of now, appear remote, if not impossible. 

The first sign of mature and serious politicians is to resist the temptation of falling for bait laid by the media looking for bytes to get their daily bread.

But neither Mulayam nor Mayawati, even though both have had a long innings in politics cannot resist this temptation for repartees. Most journalists, particularly in a state like Uttar Pradesh like to flaunt their loyalties openly for reasons at least I don’t understand. In the old-fashioned school of journalism where I picked up my basics of the profession I was told that the job of a journalist was like that of a Panch in a village. Whatever his own likes and dislikes he must be fair and fearless when he files a report.

These leaders must understand that their statements may make headlines for one day but ultimately it is harming them. The more they and their supporters give out such statements the more it shuts out the chances of their coming together to fight a common enemy.

mayawati up Why the Bihar Experiment Needs to be Replicated in UP!

Unfortunately both these leaders of UP are raking up the past antagonism to ask each other to apologise for their acts of vendetta. But time has moved on. Mulayam had filed cases against Mayawati in his regime and in turn Mayawati lodged a number of cases against Amar Singh, the most trusted Mulayam Singh loyalist when she came to power, forcing him to leave Uttar Pradesh fearing arrest. 

But today Amar Singh is nowhere in the scheme of things in the current regime of Akhilesh Yadav even though he did make a dramatic appearance in a programme with the SP supremo recently.

It is up to these two parties in the most populous state of the country to decide whether they along with the Congress and like-minded parties want to close ranks to re-write history and foil the plans of Amit Shah to have BJP governments in every state or become a part of ancient history. 

By: Amitabh Srivastava

Image Source: Mulayam-Mayawati, Mayawati

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