In India democracy dies a thousand deaths everyday, yet is quite alive & kicking. The recent rift between Manjhi & Nitish Kumar in Bihar is one such example

The ongoing muscle-tussle between Jiten Ram Manjhi and Nitish Kumar has made one thing clear that Lalu Prasad Yadav was certainly not the last joker of Bihar’s political circus. The current situation in Bihar, even in the wake of impropriety, provides an uncanny comic relief in otherwise humdrum dog eat dog world of politics.

manji nitish kumar bihar Bihar Politics : Tracking The Death Of Democracy

Nitish Kumar cuts a sorry figure who wished to do ‘Manmohan’ on Manjhi but his sinister plot backfired when Manjhi, Nitish’s supposed footman, refused to play ‘goonga gudda’ – the role he was assigned at first place – and instead did a hell lot of improvisation in the enactment making his character look like a maverick of sort, entirely opposite of what was demanded of him as per the script.

Imagine a mahout whose supremely trained elephant would all of a sudden discover ‘musth’ and go berserk not adhering to any commandments from its master. Or think of ‘Chitti’ (Rajnikanth’s character from the film ‘Robot’) who falls in love with his creator’s muse (the all powerful ‘chair’ in Bihar’s context) and then sets out to destroy the creator himself. In mythology the similar incidence of unintended humour that comes to mind is from the episode between ‘Bhasmasura’ and Lord Shiva where Lord Shiva upon being impressed by Bhasmaura’s devotion blesses him with the power to burn anyone simply by resting his palm on one’s head. And then, to the horrors of Lord Shiva, Bhasmasura decides to test his powers by making the Lord himself his first victim.That’s the problem with power. It corrupts.

When it could corrupt Nitish (the provider) to the core then why on earth  it can’t do the same to Manjhi (the moocher). Nitish is now fuming all ends up at Manjhi’s ungratefulness, moving around like a headless chicken from Patna to Delhi, bellowing saga of his misfortune and foul play to every media person available, expressing his utmost grief over ‘death of democracy’. BJP in the meantime, chaperoning Manjhi’s boat from the backdrop, seems to derive sadistic pleasure from Nitish’s lamentations.

In the entire equation BJP’s only fault is that it has discovered Nitish’s remote control by chance and is now hellbent to play tunes that are unsavoury to Nitish’s ears, that too in full volume. BJP has obviously struck gold with the opportunity that fell in its lap and is keeping no stone unturned to seek its vengeance on Nitish who had, not in a very distant past, severed ties with NDA for his parochial interest.

In India democracy dies a thousand deaths everyday and yet is quite alive and kicking, it being such a survivor. So BJP doesn’t seem likely to mind democracy dying for just another time as long as it makes Nitish, its nemesis of late, run helter-skelter and become laughing stock for his crude opportunism. And yet in the entire dirty politicking, Manjhi, the moocher, seems to have the last laugh as he has got nothing to lose, least of all the chair, for even if it would be gone it never belonged to him at first place.

lalu prasad nitish together CASTE COUCH Bihar Politics : Tracking The Death Of Democracy
In last few months Nitish on ego cum over-smartness trip had tried to play different political avatars, all proving to be duds. First he tried to play Lalu, his predecessor who is ‘secular to death’, when he deserted NDA to keep his secular credentials intact in the minds of his vote bank. Then he tried to play Sonia – the saint by abdicating chair for Manjhi, the lame duck to begin with, and the rest, as we have witnessed, is heist-ory.Having failed miserably on both the counts Nitish now hopes to play Kejriwal in the upcoming assembly elections in Bihar. He fails to realize that while Kejriwal had many things going in his favour, Nitish, with the toxic company of Lalu, Congress and CPI, is heading for a disaster.
Disclaimer: Results in Delhi strongly emphasize upon rude reality that one can never be foolproof of people’s verdict in Indian politics. But if Nitish, with his haloed company, still manages to return to power in Bihar then there would be nothing left to salvage pragmatism. In democracy, one is bound to abide by mandate and in that worst case scenario I would be tempted to declare that only God can save our nation.

By: Atul Kapoor

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