BJP couldn’t serve that what was needed since last 18 months except a few exceptional. What does BJP’s drubbing in Bihar cue?

Bihar voted against the politics of hatred and false propaganda. If we all think deep by positioning ourselves into moccasin of Bihar, it’s unfortunate that this state is asked to mandate one-a vegetarian party who does beef politics, other a corrupt party. Bihari’s choice to live with corrupt for 5 more years fearing for their own life over beef killings- which makes lots of sense for the innocent lives and their families.

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Bihar elections were not fought on agenda, but just on a bunch of lofty and flimsy statements of select few individual just for the sake to clutch into the power.

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Indian voters are far more concerned about their own personal life, security and their children’s education. The tide turned against BJP consistently, first during Delhi, now in Bihar and one in En-Route for 2017. BJP’s continuing defeat is a clear sign that something is not right with in. BJP leaders cannot sit on like mute spectators.

Recent BJP’s Political leadership is all about the popularity of followers on twitter, Facebook, selfie business or a well-organized PR event on a foreign soil. Leadership quality tests failed when bills are bought on the floor of the house for approval and most importantly pretty much many bills failed to be approved. This cannot happen if leader is capable to convince the house, not threaten or abuse the stake holders or opposition who may not like the move.

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Only achievement surfed after BJP took office (18 months) is to make administrative changes to obsolete laws via “ordinance” route. If questioned why easy ordinance route first, its leaders tend to stereotype blames- famous example being, India was politically dead in last 60 years and no one questioned why today? In a nut shell, BJP’s failure to pass important bills on the floor of house and scrapping of some of its bills by Supreme Court is a proven reality.

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It seems true that some BJP leaders may not know “Yesterday was a history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is the day one need to make it happen”. Pointing figures backward or proposing hypothetical future is a fiction. We, the smart Indian voters notoriously live in real world! BJP missed its train and cannot change the dynamics of Indian politics.

India needs politically matured federal government which can be a part of solution, not being part and parcel of the problem.

The job vacancy for the post of eminent political leader who can ride India to new horizon of real development seems vacant as on today. Let’s see who will apply for this position in 2019. May God bless us moving forward.

By Veeresh Sayagavi in indiaopines blog

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