The recent buzz from the state Bihar is it’s preparation to tear down the centuries-old Patna Collectorate buildings. Such development brings shame to India

Development at the expense of heritage loss can never be appreciated. Historical bodies, even if on the verge of crumbles, shouldn’t be bulldozed. The country’s such treasures significant of pre-colonial and colonial era should be preserved and not wrecked in the guise of development. My recent tour to Puri, where I witnessed the revamp of centuries-old giant chariot-‘Konark’, which is almost on the verge of collapsing into pieces, I, being culture lover, was at ease to see such efforts by Odhisa govt.

In the contrary, the successive governments in the state of Bihar had shown no interest in heritage protection and sustenance and had rather encouraged the devastation of its ancient significant structures. The recent buzz from Bihar is the state government’s content and sanction to knock out the Dutch-made Patna Collectorate building and promote the construction of high-reaching administrative buildings.

patna collectorate building Bihars Development At The Expense Of Heritage Is Awful

This is not much surprising all though, for Bihar previously too had sanctioned the demolition of historic Dak Bungalow, Bankipore Central Jail and a majestic tonga stand at Patna junction. And one more addition to the losses would be the Collectorate building.

golghar patna Bihars Development At The Expense Of Heritage Is Awful

These old structures are the endowments from British and Mughal period. A thorough and ginormous range of historical details were scooped out while peering keenly at such buildings. The ones which acquainted us to our History can’t be pulled out to develop our future. Development doesn’t imply such unfair acts.

By Prerna Daga

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