Bilawal Bhutto made an unfortunate statement about Kashmir recently. His theatrical ability aside, social medial has come down on him like a ton of bricks!

bilawal bhutto Social Media Up in Arms against Bilawal Bhutto Kashmir Speech

  1. The young scion of Pakistan’s premier political family is only 24 and not really known for his political chops. This fact has been indubitably proved by virtue of his recent most statement on Kashmir. In a bid to appeal to the masses of his country, he touched upon the topic that is most likely to fetch him a reaction.
  2. The statement was clearly designed to incite emotions and project him as a worthy successor of his political lineage. While it is difficult to comprehend actual words because of the exceedingly hysterical pitch of the voice, the general tenor of the words are that that he will bring back all of Kashmir, all of Kashmir, leaving behind not an inch. Ho hum, nothing that a thousand other Pak political aspirants haven’t done before him. Watch the video below:
  3. For some reason however, the social media seems to have really got their talons into the hapless Bilawal, ridiculing him, chiding him, calling him names and generally calling into question is intellect and sanity. An open letter to Bilawal Bhutto by a blogger has caught the fancy of people in particular. The ‘letter’ likens him to our own homegrown political scion Rahul Gandhi, foreseeing an identical future which seems to have tickled the nations funny bone.
  4. It also challenges him to come on to Arnab Goswami’s show to “explain why you should get the state over which your country has got its ass whooped by India four times in the last 60 odd years?” the whole ‘letter’ is hilarious and well worth a read at here’s a screengrabamreekan Social Media Up in Arms against Bilawal Bhutto Kashmir Speech
  5. Parody site Fakingnews also seemed to rub its hands in delight at taking potshots at Pakistan’s pappu, with the imaginary Facebook chats between various people. Here is a screen shot of the ‘chat’ between the PMs of the two countries:faking news Social Media Up in Arms against Bilawal Bhutto Kashmir Speech
  6. Standup comedian Papa CJ seems to have taken particular umbrage at Bhuttos ranting as he ploughs into the would-be politician mocking his inexperience and lack of intellect, calling him ‘national champion’ among village idiots and leveling other insults as well. Watch the video below.
  7. Turns out Bilawal Bhutto is not terribly popular in his own country either. If we know a certain political scion as Pappu here, he is known as Billo there. Parodists and social netizens from across the border have not been shy of expressing contempt about the would-be leader who cannot even speak his native tongue competently.
  8. Predictably Bhutto was also trending on Twitter with the Twitterati directing some of their choicest invective –

This is the right time to send Robert Vadra to purchase Karachi and bring it in India. #BilawalBhutto

#BilawalBhutto seems to have got his mother’s looks and father’s brains. Oh wait – he also got Hina Rabbani Khar. LOL #Pakistan #Kashmir

Everyone is slamming poor #BilawalBhutto,a novice in politics as if maturity can be expected from politicians in #Pakistan. Look at IM !

#BilawalBhutto’s search history- ●How to make a paper plane ●Where is #Mars ●How many zeros in 450 crores ●What is an inch ●Hot Rabbani pics

Escape Velocity which brought sunshine out of Rahul Gandhis mind now applied by #BilawalBhutto to claim every inch of Kashmir. #Spoiltkids

@firstpostin slow clap for @BBhuttoZardari. He should first reclaim Bangladesh

#BilawalBhutto has decided to take every inch of Mars… He just has to work out how to open the wrapper first!

Image 1 Source – Twitter, Image 2 source – Image 3 source – Faking News,

Videos source – Aaj Tak, Papa CJ

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